Evolve combined experience of ten years their one


this assignment I worked with evolve event as an event organizer

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Task 1

Describe the skills required for an Event organizer


skills required for an event organizer are as follows.

Communications and
interpersonal skills – Communication skill is one of the most basic and important
skill an event organizer must have because clear communication between the team
is very necessary to make an event successful. And also every event need
interpersonal skills an example of interpersonal skill is making and
assumptions of what is happening this may lead to mistakes it is important for
an event organizer to check and double check all the arrangements.

Time management skills –It is one of the most
essential skill a event organizer must have because if anything is not done on
time then the event would be a big failure and your company too.

Planning –Planning is very
necessary because without a plan an event cannot happen it is the
responsibility of the event organizer to check whether the planning is done
properly and is executed accordingly.

Negotiating-Negotiating is about
demands of people and your requirements to make profit or make an event
successful. Where the event organizer has to see that the client is also
satisfied and his needs are also fulfilled.

Problem solving – A good event organizer
always has a plan B. When something goes wrong he/she does not become
inpatient. He or she must always look for the solution patiently for E.G if
there is a certain power cut in the venue so it is the responsibility of the
event organizer to solve the problem.

Resource management – This means every
physical resources required to run a successful event like DJ ,catering
services , venue , ICT equipment, chairs table ,accommodation  etc .In resources management it is necessary
to measure how effectively resources have been utilized. Resource management is
very necessary because without resources a event cannot happen.




Task 2

Explain the role of an event organizer.

An event organizer plays
a very vital role in making an event grand and successful there is so much to
go when you are planning an big event from finance to all the
arrangements(venue, catering music system etc).

Following are the role of
an event organizer-

Organizing the venue – Selection of a right
venue is very important because the event organizer will have to see whether
the transportation facility is available for the venue. How much far the venue
from the city is how the surrounding is around.


Meeting legal requirements – legal permission is very
important from the local body before planning a event, legal requirements such
as agreement of the venue, agreement between the client and the event
organizing company, if we are playing loud music then permission from the police
or pollution control board is very necessary. The event organizer must meet all
the legal requirements before planning and executing an event.

Catering services – Food is very essential
where ever we go. So arranging a good catering service is the responsibility of
the event organizer if the event is for too long other facilities like drinking
water and washroom facilities must also be arranged for an event.

Pre-event plan – Prior checking is the key responsibility of an
event organizer because sometimes things get misplaced or some of things are
not done proper so arranging things in a proper way before the event is the
responsibility of an event organizer.

Monitoring – when the event is going on monitoring (checking)
all the things are running properly is very important.

Cleaning up the venue- when the event is over it
is the responsibility of the event organizer to clear up the venue and check
whether anything is not misplaced and complete all the documentation work with
the legal bodies.


Task 3

Prepare a plan
for a business event.



Room – There must be a proper room where almost 100 people can sit
with proper ventilation and there must be proper electricity connectivity.

Projector- A good projector is required so that we can show the
name of the topics visible for the audience on screen.

Chairs and tables – There must be proper sitting arrangement for
almost 100 people (chairs must be comfortable for sitting) a special chair and
table must be available for the judge.

Speaker and mike- A good quality speaker and mike is required so
that the audience is able to listen to the participant speaking properly.

Certificates and prizes – After the event gets over the winner and
the participants must be felicitated with certificates and prizes. 

Judges – A judge is required who can judge the participant on the
basis of confidence , communication skills and content of the topic

Score sheet, Pen – score sheet and pen are very necessary as it
may sound as a small resource but without it participants can’t be given the

Water – proper water facility for the participants, audience and
judge is important each and everyone in the event must be provided with a water
bottle .



Permission from the HOD

Permission from the Admin department for classroom



Certificates and prizes – 2000 rs



and organize a venue for a business event, ensuring health and safety
requirements are met.

We have arranged a elocution competition on 18th
of November 2017 the motive of this event is to bring the students together and
know their ideas and thinking on some important topics and so that the students
can remove the fear of public speaking inside them.

The venue is organized for inter trade elocution

Venue -Restaurant

The advantages of the venue are that it is fully air conditional
and the space is also large where almost 100 students can come it has all
required electronics items (projector and speaker)

Safety measures taken are
first aid box and fire extinguisher

First aid box must have paracetamol as if participants may have
fever due to fear or any other thing they can be given the meditation. Fire
extinguisher is must as there could be fire due to wires or any other things.



support for the running of an event. (Group Activity).

organized an inter trade elocution competition for the students on 18th
of October 2017.





Chairs and tables

Speaker and mike

Certificates and prizes


Score sheet , Pen




Permission from the HOD

Permission from the Admin department for classroom



Certificates and prizes – 2000 rs



organized the elocution competition on 18th of October 2017

selected the restaurant as the venue because it was fully air conditioner and
had a space for almost 100 students it had a projector connection. We took the
participation of almost 20 students from all the trade. We arranged for 17
participation certificates and 3 winner certificates for 1st, 2nd
and 3rd. Our judge was Mrs Preeti Singh who is working with Indian
railways and has contributed in personality development and was a director of speak
well academy.

competition started at 1pm and ended at 4 pm each participant was given a time
limit of 5-7 minutes.

issues we faced were light cut out and backing off of students from the

competition went well and the winner was announced on the spot and felicitated
with gifts there was a short speech by Mrs preeti singh on personality
development. After the event we submitted all the things to the administration
department we checked if anything was not missing.

We researched on what topics should be
given to the students by seeing the current state of the country we came to the
following topics

The topics given to the participants

Views on smart village

Agricultural India

Developing India 

important part was making the students participate in the competition we told
them the benefits of elocution and why they should participate in it we
motivated them they were free to choose the topics given to them a
representative was chosen from each batch to take the names of the participants
with the topic. We got almost 20 participants.



guidelines for dealing with problems.

did not face any major problems while doing the event but problems that can
happen while organizing a event are listed below.



Budget constrains
An event organizer often times has problems
while working within a rigid budget. During the recession, the budget tends
to be very low. However, the expectations continue to be on the higher side.
If the event is for a social cause than an event organizer can count on tax
benefits. But if it is purely for entertainment purposes, then the challenge
is huge

1.       Set a clear budget limit for your event
2.       Track your expenses as you go
3.       Get creative and get up with idea

Time management
its vital to invest right resources at the
right time at the right place sometimes a event could go totally wrong if
time is not managed properly.

1.       set short and long term targets to make sure
things are done when they need to be
2.       start off with the info essentials  event venue , event size.

Insufficient human
Not all event
managements teams are too strong or big sometimes its one person army
tackling the annual conference and other time it is a team of ten devoted
souls working towards an exhibition.

Ask for help when you need it
Be a team player

Careless mistakes
Things sometimes do not go according we plan it
so small careless mistakes can get us into big trouble

1.       Make sure you and your team are aware of the
plan and are fully devoted to it
2.       Do every small thing on time which will reduce
the risk of mistakes.













7 (Group Activity)

out follow-up activities after a business event.

the event was completed successfully following follow up activity were taken

Cleaning the room if
there is any litter here and there and checking that no property has been

Clearing the chairs and
tables sending them from where they were brought.

Informing the
administration department that the event is over and giving them the room keys

Thank you not was send to
preeti singh who was our judge and the administration department for their
permission and support.

Payments were cleared
before the event.

Task 8
(Group Activity)

Review the success of the business event.

feedback from the participant and the audience was good enough many people
suggested things to be improved and we got a good response from the audience as
they found is useful and the participant found it useful for their development.














The elocution competition was
successful and we got a good response from the students almost 70% of the
students found it to be use full, 20% of the students gave us very good, 15% of
the students found it good, and 5% students found it satisfactory.



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