English mass shootings were withdrawn from their school

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            Crime rates in the U.S. has been
steadily dropping over the past twenty years. However, the number of mass
violence crimes have increased in the last ten years. Many people are affected
by mass shootings and thy want to know why the shooter committed the crime. The
increase in mass violence, specifically mass shootings, that is caused by
social anxiety, accessibility to deadly weapons, and violent upbringings has
caused many people to search for the reasons why these crimes are committed and
how to prevent them in the future.

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            One of the main causes of today’s
mass shootings is social anxiety or depression in the shooter.
“Given their few social ties,
combined with the stress of not doing well in school (for Holmes and Rodger
specifically) and subsequent withdrawal, Holmes and Rodger may have felt
isolated and lost, and felt that violence, including shooting, was a viable
response to these stresses.” (Jaworski) Jaworski
talks about how two people responsible for mass shootings were withdrawn from
their school community and did not have strong relationships with the people
around them. This is a common feeling in most mass murderers. They feel like
they are alone. Also, because they are alone, they don’t have anyone to keep
them in check. People today tend to feel more pressured to fit in because
social media, and how easy it is to be connected to everyone. When people are
not included in any social media, they could feel like they are left out and
isolated. The quote, “The British
Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that James Holmes had no romantic
attachments, but was involved in a video game group. However, outside of this
group, there was no mention of Holmes having close friends.” (Jaworski)
explains how in one case, James Holmes, responsible for the Aurora shooting,
spent most of his time “socializing” with a video game group, but never
actually spent time with anyone in his real life. This shows that all of the
technology that we have now causes people to become obsessed with things like
video games, and never spend time with people in their real lives. Because of
this, they miss all of the events that everyone else is experiencing which
could cause the person to, again, feel like they are isolated. When someone
doesn’t socialize with anyone around, it is impossible for them to have any
close friends. One of the best ways to understand why mass shootings occur is
to not focus on psychology of the shooter, but to focus on social context of
their life. (Jaworski) Many people choose to look at what might have been wrong
with the shooter mentally. Even if they do have some sort of mental disability,
they were pushed over the edge by the stress from their social life. Another
reason why people commit mass shootings is because they feel like the only way
that they can 


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