Empires Rome also had huge decrease in overall

     Empires and Kingdoms do not just suddenly fall. There is always a coming of decline. A set of causes that eventually lead to the effect of decline. Likewise, there were numerous reasons that lead to the decline of Rome. For example, high taxes, crime, welfare, violent entertainment, drugs, STD’s, unemployment, eating disorders, and many more. 
     Rome’s high taxes and high unemployment go hand-in-hand when it comes to talking about its decline. The tax on lower class citizens, Plebeians, was basically impossible to pay. Plus, it’s not like the things they collected taxes for even helped the Roman citizens in the slightest. The Roman government taxed them where they could have luxury items and build elaborate buildings. Not only were the taxes ridiculously high, but so was the rate of unemployment. High taxes were already hard to pay, but the Roman citizens definitely couldn’t pay them when they were without employment. Tax collectors could not collect money they did not have, which lead to an increase in poverty, debt, and backlash from the citizens. This played a huge role in the decline of Rome. 
       Rome also had huge decrease in overall population not long before its decline. The plagues would be the easiest to blame for this decline in population, but other aspects such as violent entertainment, STD’s, drugs, and eating disorders also contributed. After the plagues hit, Rome’s population drastically dropped from 1 million to 250,000. This population decrease made it increasingly difficult to recruit for troops, they often resorted to hiring foreign soldiers, thus an increase in taxes happened as was mentioned previously. High crime rates also lead to a decrease in population. People murdering other people then being executed for the crime began to add up to a high number of crime-related deaths. The introduction of highly contagious, incurable diseases also increased the rate of death (ex: leprosy, STD’s). Similarly, there was the introduction of death as a means of entertainment. The jousting and races in the elaborate, tax-built coliseums were usually to the death or left the participants with serious injuries that would eventually lead to their deaths. The population decrease led to more dependence on slavery which in consequence led to them lagging in technological advances, like the Greeks. 
       All in all, Many factors led to Rome’s decline. The series of weak empires (after about 180 C.E.) due to political confusion helped create most of abiotic factors that led to its decline. There were other things that the government couldn’t control such as the plagues. High taxes, high unemployment, decrease in population, all were very important when it came to the final fall of Rome’s empire; the most memorable decline in history. 


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