Education a mindful leader, it could help optimise

Education has the power to alter lives of oneself and of people around us; that’s what I aspire to do. It’s a significant tool to achieve success and helps alleviate trials and tribulations we face in our lives and careers, as it opens doors to millions of dreams and opportunities. So it’s vitally important to choose a course with prudence and that’s how I see MM, a right investment not only in short term but also in long term. It’ll help me succeed monetarily as well as experientially & lead to a perceptive exploration of my personality, expectations and goals. Through my studies and work experience I’ll have carved a new way of thinking about the theories of the classroom and learnt to mitigate most of the challenges faced in life.

My Bachelors in CS Engineering equipped me with technical knowledge, which I was able to put to practice during my internships. While working I realised the importance of business management. An understanding of business acumen is central for an optimal working of a company and helps channelize the efforts of its employees towards its goal. A company’s workforce is an asset and with dedicated direction from a mindful leader, it could help optimise the efforts of its staff.

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In 3years from now, I envision myself working in an international organisation managing change through innovation and strategy. Hence, it is self-evident that I would be required to demonstrate strong leadership and adept technical skills. I also wish to become dexterous in dealing with customers and be an open minded and copious leader who works energetically with a culturally dynamic team to achieve common goals; this is where my holistic development that took place while pursuing MM will give me an edge over others.

However, I wouldn’t want to limit myself by measuring success financially on the basis of earnings but rather on the journey which I look forward to having undertaken at UBC and then my career path; during which, I would like to have faced situations that may have been difficult yet equipped me with better decision making powers and leadership skills, teaching me to take risks and deal with challenges and failures.

My education will have helped bring about the best in me as a sensitive human being, prepared me to be more rational, kind-hearted, accepting, and involved participant of society, nation and world at large; positively transforming my psyche and helping me grow intellectually and socially. I look forward to augmenting these learnings through valuable experiences.

Not just professional but growth as an individual understanding the importance of knowing my strengths and weaknesses is what the MM would’ve assisted me with, polished my strengths and worked on my weaknesses. The course’s emphasis on practical approach with real life circumstances rather than theoretical and conceptual doctrine will aid in transforming me into someone who’s ready to face tough challenges at all times. I’ll know that each challenge is an opportunity for me to perform and remain at the top.





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