door your garden hose offers you to meet

  door front or decking? Your patio furniture or garden tools? An electric
pressure washer unit would be your best solution. You cannot realize how much
useful it is until you lively use it. Once you use the machine for any kind of
domestic cleaning, you surely would be surprised that how could you ever live
without using this miracle. It’s amazing!

There are several types of electric pressure washer for
different purposes; domestic light duty use or industrial heavy duty use. As
you are looking for a pressure washer machine to clean your residence, make
sure that you choose the right pressure cleaner to meet your needs. Here we
interpret what you need to look for to own the right device for your respective
domestic cleaning.

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How Do They Work?

The working mechanisms of all types of electric pressure
washer are almost same. They basically work the same way. It is simple. At
first, the water needs to be entered the unit at low pressure. Then the
built-in electric motor or engine powers the pump to bump the water through the
hose and spray out the water like jet spray at an extreme pressure. This procedure
is importantly more effective to clean the objects or surfaces around your home
than what your garden hose offers you to meet the requirements.

What Can You Use It

A domestic electric pressure washer is ideal to clean
anything in or around the home. For your better understanding, you could
remember the following list that includes most of the possible areas you can
clean with your domestic power cleaner.

o    Outdoor furniture
and awning

o    Vehicles like
car, motorbike, bicycle, boat or caravans

o    Lawnmowers or
similar instruments

o    Deck, patio,
fence, stair

o    Walls and

o    Garage ground and
concrete stains

o    Door front,
driveway, and landscaping

o    House siding,
roofing, and gutters

o    Indoor and
outdoor pain preparation

What PSI and GPM
Range Do You Need?

It is important to identify the level of PSI (pounds per
square inch) and water flow rate to use your pressure washer for home use.
These pressure washer units are classified in accordance with the PSI. PSI
refers to the total amount of pressure generated by the power unit. For
example, an identical garden hose distributes water at the rate of
approximately 30 to 40 PSI. Again, a coin-operated vehicle wash distributes
almost 700 PSI. On the contrary, an electric pressure washer distributes water
at over thousands PSI.

This is not the whole story. There is another consideration
to take; GPM. GPM (gallons per minute) refers to the amount of water flow
meaning how many gallons per minute. If the combination of PSI and GPM is
larger, it can cover a larger area to clean more quickly and more effectively.

Notice the following table that grades the units depending
on the volume of work and frequency of the unit to be used.

Work Volume   

PSI Range   

GPM Level   

Suggested Application Areas

Small to medium occasional domestic use

1500-2000 PSI   

1.5-2 GPM   

Cars, boats, furniture, lawn mowers, pavements, door fronts, patio,
driveways, decking, garage, house siding, gutters, windows etc.

Medium to large frequent domestic use   

2000-3000 PSI   

1.8-2.5 GPM   

Bigger outdoor areas, whole house siding, trucks, brickwork, concrete
walls, caravans etc.


The simple theory tells that the bigger the projects, the
larger the pressure washer you would require. If you need to clean a small job
but occasionally, an electric pressure washer capable of generating 1500-2000
PSI would be preferable. By contrast, if you need to finish a larger domestic
cleaning job very frequently, you can choose an electric washer with the
capacity of 2000-3000 PSI.

What Type of Pressure Washer for Domestic Use?

For your domestic cleaning uses, the common type of washers
is an electric pressure washer. They are comparatively lighter in weight and
compact in design. They require you less maintenance and movements. You just
need to plug it into your electric power output to start. They can perform to
run all types of domestic works; small to very large.

On the other hand, there are petrol powered pressure
washers. They are ideal for commercial heavy-duty use only. They are heavier
and they need more maintenance and movements. They are also expensive to buy.
They cannot meet your domestic cleaning demands as your convenience.

What Attachments Do They Come With?

An all-rounder pressure washer always comes with a complete
package. The package includes the following essential accessories:

o    Several Nozzles
to meet different cleaning purposes

o    Hose and hose

o    Power gun/ Spray

o    Wheels for

o    Detergent
injector and inclusion feature

o    Accessory kit
that includes brushes, patio cleaner, stain removing detergent etc.

Sometimes, some of the manufacturers might include some
additional tools in the box to make the package standard.

Final Adjudication

Clear? Or confused? We would simply suggest you buy an
electric pressure washer from a top-quality pressure washer brand. A good
quality manufacturer offers you a reliable warranty and a national customer
support network. Honestly, we would recommend some international pressure
washer companies like Gerni, Generac, Crommelins Subaru, AR Blue Clean etc.
They are the top winners in the pressure washer market. They have been reigning
the market for decades.

For your domestic purposes, remember the above-discussed
requirements and don’t hesitate to buy from one of the recognized brands. Make
sure that your pressure washer contains the configuration that is stated in the
table above to suit your domestic needs. If you consider a model from these manufacturers
following the required specifications, you will be getting high-quality
performances. In case of any wrong or any fault related to the product, they
will be with you by their nationwide service and support departments. 


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