“Do with less” concept is what has kept

“Do more with less” is the specialty
of Binary IT which has always kept us apart. Managing messed up the desktop and responding to demands from around
the corners in a scalable and cost-effective
manner has always kept us intact with our clients. We take care of your
day to day usage and provide you technical, security, mobile device management in
a reliable and stable manner. We provide;

Managed IT Security:

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With the introduction of the ethical hacking marathon, every year one or the
other companies become a victim of hackers. To navigate the complexities of IT
security and to secure your valuable data and information. We optimize and
provide security to your network, web, and
emails so that there is no leakage of your business confidentiality.


Managed Desktop Service:

“Do more with less” concept is what has
kept Binary IT service apart from the rest. With the client’s requiring more
flexibility and mobility with the little resources Binary IT has customized its
Desktop services as per the client’s requirements. We believe in giving more
with the little we have. We take care of your day to day usage and technically take
care of your IT sector in reliable and stable manner. We perform the following;

Technical Support:

We have readily available technical
support to streamline the IT management.
We optimize the client management systems and hardware in both on and off-site.  We assign the best team to resolve the raised
issue at a quick pace.


b.    Profile Management:

On behalf
of the organization Binary, IT takes the responsibility of managing the user profile. We set up,
enable and disable the new users or old users so that there is no interruption
during work hours.


c.    365 days availability of service:

Binary IT gives its best
service to its clients. Our relationship does not end with delivering but
starts after delivering. We focus on customer satisfaction by reducing the workload. Our service can be availed by the
customer 24/7/365 days. Our desk is filled with professional’s ready for your assistance
throughout the year to resolve your issue. You can reach us via e-mail, phone
or walk-in. 


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