Do he is not only success. He had

Do you know Professor Shinji
Yamanaka? And do you know Professor Yamanaka’s research too? Did you hear iPS
cells? What do you know about iPS cells?

Professor Yamanaka is one of the
Nobel prize winner in Japan. And he works in Kyoto University as a Professor.
He was born in Osaka prefecture, Higashi-Osaka city. He graduated from Kobe
University in 1987. Later, he went to America, Gladstone Institutes, University
of California, San Francisco. And came back to Japan, he worked in Nara
Institute of Science and Technology in 1999. 5 years later, he began to work in
Kyoto University as a Professor. In 2012, he winning the Nobel Prize in
Physiology or Medicine (CiRA, Yasuo Takeuchi).

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Professor Yamanaka said about his
research, this uses human’s skins to make cells. And this cells uses to make
new medicine or regenerative medicine. So, professor Yamanaka tries to make iPS
cells and it begins to permeative. iPS cells uses regenerate to organ that lost
by ill or accident. iPS sells can make organ from human’s skin. But it is easy
to be a cancer. So researchers continue to make iPS cells safety(CiRA).

But he is not only success. He had
some mistakes and frustration. When Came back from America to Japan, he was be
a depression. Because at that time, he couldn’t give his research results. Then
he went to a lecture that act by one of the Nobel Prize winner, Susumu
Tonegawa. Professor Yamanaka asked him about his research’s direction.
Professor Tonegawa said,”If you are interesting, everything is OK. Do anything
you want to do.”This encouraged him to continue his research and later he made
great discover (Shinya Yamanaka 143).

He was not only success. But he had
never gave up. Change the word, Failure teaches success. iPS cells will
advanced day and day. iPS cells will more safety and useful in the future. And
I hope In the future, young researchers get some great result like Professor



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