Culture has had many different definitions but it is generally “the way of life of a group of people” (Gollnick & Chinn, 2008, p. 3). Cultural diversity in schools has been on the increase due to the many students from different races that have their own distinct culture. The education process thus takes the multicultural approach. The American schools have students from different cultural background. The main cultures taken into consideration in this study are the Spanish and Filipino cultures with analysis of how they influence the process of learning through the use of concept maps.

This paper aims at providing an outlook and analysis of culture and multicultural education for the purposes of inclusion and diversity in education. Further, it acknowledges the impact that culture has on education in terms of differences and biases and thus provides an analysis of how multicultural education can be used to address these differences and biases. The approach also being based on the personal career of teaching provides personal thoughts on the differences and biases in culture and how cultural information has changed my personal ideas. The applications of this to my personal teaching practice are also evaluated for more considerations for inclusion and diversity.

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Concept Maps


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