Divergent the novel plot. Watching the movie, the

Divergent is the first part of a series of books about Tris, a girl living in a future society whichis divided into 5 divisions. This book describes the transfer and initiation problems of Tris,who changed the faction of her childhood to Dauntless. In order to succeed in Dauntless, Trisneeds to show courage and strength, and she needs to hide the fact that she was testeddivergent, which means that she doesn’t fit in exactly on of the factions.In general, the movie version is very close to the novel plot. Watching the movie, the readercan experience about every activity and most of the conflicts from the story. Even somedialogues are the same as in the book.

Tris’ character was very well revealed through theactress and her relationships to the other characters are well shown. However, movies areusually less detailed, due to time restrictions, and there are not as many charactersintroduced as in the novel. This is also true in the case of Divergent. Some side charactersfrom the book don’t appear in the movie, but the basic characters are all there. Peter, thefiercest antagonist of Tris during the initiation period, is less cruel in the film. He attacksmore with words than physically, and he doesn’t stab Eric in the eye during the movie.

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Hisjealousy about Tris’ ability of controlling her fear simulations and becoming better than himin initiation competition leads him to nearly killing her – just like in the book.Due to the already mentioned time limits, the movie shortened many scenes and stressedonly their important aspects. Tris’ aptitude test at the beginning and the choosing ceremonyare less detailed than in the novel. There are much less fighting scenes during initiationprocess, and they are not as well organized and planned as the book suggests. In the combatrounds, the new Dauntless initiates have to prove their strength, and Tris is having a hardtime to keep up with the others.

On the other hand, she achieves very good results in theother part of the initiation process, which is the fear landscape. Participants are injectedwith a serum which causes them to face their deepest fears in a mental simulation, whichthey need to overcome. Tris is divergent, and she is able to feel that she is actually in asimulation and that all these threats she faces are not real. She knows that she can doillusory things to get out of it, but she must not reveal this capability. This is the hardest partof the test for her. These fear landscapes are, in the movie, changed in some ways, to makethem easier to understand for the viewer. These changes give the characters differentqualities.

For example, Tris is told to shoot her family in the last simulation. In the book sheshoots herself instead, but in the movie she does as she was told. This gives her character adifferent touch.In the movie, Four is made a bigger hero than he seems in the novel. His relationship to Trisis somehow closer, and they support each other more. In the movie, he and Tris manage toshut down Janine’s control program that she created to use the Dauntless faction as herarmy.

This is a different ending to the book. Also, Four can better handle his problem withhis dad and he finally forgives him – which was not the case in the book. This makes Four ahero in every regard.Finally, factions are more closed and separated from each other in the movie. There is lesscooperation, and no visiting day by the parents of the new initiates who changed theirfaction. In the film version, it is dangerous for Tris to meet her mother.


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