He else — It was merely a affair

He isnt truly the type to cover with his jobs head on.

.. he sort of tallies off from them. In fact he tries to avoid them for every bit long as humanly possible until he’s forced to face them. A good illustration of this would be him non accepting the fact that he ‘s an bravo.

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Like most bravos, Desmond was born into the brotherhood. As a kid Desmond wanted to make normal things with his life. He wanted to hold merriment playing around with childs that were his ain age alternatively of holding to digest the barbarous preparation he went through daily. He did n’t desire to hold to kill people for political grounds that he did n’t truly understand either.

He was invariably being pushed to his bounds. Life at the bantam compound he lived in was difficult and grim. He merely wanted his freedom. He merely wanted a normal life.In fact he ne’er truly cared about the waging wars between the Templars ( an organisation of people who seek to make a perfect universe through force, control, and the devastation of free will ) and the Assassins to get down with. To him, it all seemed like it was some fake narrative his parents created because they were excessively paranoid. He even went every bit far as naming his parents confederacy monsters who were excessively busy trailing after shadows.

Being trapped, coupled with the barbarous preparation and pathetic talks about an organisation that seemed even more pathetic than anything else — It was merely a affair of clip until he left, truly. He ran off on his 16th birthday without any declinations and ne’er looked back.Talking of parents, he was ne’er truly on good footings with his male parent. His male parent, William, was ever on his instance and invariably told him that he could make better if he merely focused. He was invariably pushed to his bound when he was younger, and it felt like his male parent treated him as if he were some childs developing to be an bravo as opposed to being his existent boy. Which explains why he said all of those things about his parents. The first things he tells the adult male when they reunite is that he ‘s a icky male parent and that he was no better than the Templars. Things decidedly escalated after that, but gratefully the two of them are able to put aside their differences for one another and came to footings with their issues that finally fixed their relationship for the better.

And so the Templars attacked — good, non truly. But you could decidedly state acquiring kidnapped was an oculus opening experience. Because of what they did to him he ‘s sort of made it his mission to non merely acquire back at them, but, to besides guarantee that what they did to him does n’t go on to anyone else. He wants to protect those that are beloved to him. Which is why he was so inexorable about desiring to protect Lucy.

Even if it was more of a personal motive, he and Lucy bonded during his clip at Abstergo. He wanted to do certain that she ne’er got hurt any longer. His relationship with Lucy was particular, he ne’er truly treated her like an bravo.

She was more of a friend to him and it was merely natural for him to be wholly devastated when he was forced by Juno ( one of the many people from the First Civilization ) to kill her. This was and will ever be his biggest sorrow and it ‘s made him recognize that if he had stayed with the bravos, if he had n’t run off, he could hold saved her.Desmond is sort of stubborn. Not hardheadedly so, but one time he ‘s sets his head on something he ‘ll make his best to see it to the terminal. This is likely a quality he got from his male parent, but, if he knows he can make something that ‘ll assist person out he ‘ll decidedly make it.

Even if he ‘s put on the lining his ain life in the procedure. He ‘s besides really altruistic and will set those that matter to him before himself. This is shown when he decided to deliver his male parent from Abstergo. Even if the adult male was an bastard, he ‘s still his male parent. Another good illustration of this would be when he altruistically sacrificed himself to salvage the universe. He could hold shaped the universe into a better topographic point had he allow it fire, but non desiring history to reiterate itself he chose to salvage it.He besides has the inclination to do visible radiation of any state of affairs he ‘s in.

He prefers to jab merriment at his jobs instead than admiting that they are in fact jobs. He ‘s joked about being left entirely in the darkness to be eaten alive by chiropterans, and, so holding to swim through stinky smelly cloacas. He ‘s even poked merriment at the fact that there are n’t any existent bathrooms in bowls. It ‘s like he does this to take the tenseness off of certain things. He has a bracing sense of wit excessively, when he was a barman he invented a drink called it the Shirley Templar. Just do n’t inquire him to state gags. Besides, if he ‘s given the chance, he will badger his teammates.

He used to invariably jab merriment at Lucy ‘s really serious business-like idiosyncrasies. Of class when he gets teased in return he tries to take it in pace. He ne’er truly gets angry though.The one thing that does gall him is when he ‘s called useless. You can take a shot at anything else about him and it ‘ll merely turn over right off his dorsum, but do n’t diss his worth. While it may look like he does nil but sit around on his butt all twenty-four hours, he is the lone 1 who ‘s capable of traveling into the Animus ( which is a machine that allows one to live over their ascendants memories ) .

And without him they fundamentally have nil. He is n’t inquiring for a decoration or anything, merely possibly a small regard for what he has to travel through, particularly when he was so close to traveling brainsick from the Bleeding Effect ( which is a upset you get from an overexposure to the Animus. Your ascendants memories blend in with your really ain which makes it difficult to separate between the two ) .


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