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Choosing a career to pursue may not be as easy as one may wish to think. A number of persons have taken long to realize their ultimate careers yet some realize their potential early in life and make their career choices right away. As for me I have chosen to pursue a career in dental hygiene due to a number of convincing reasons. When I was about 10 years of age, I used to take a lot of sugary food without knowing the risk that I was putting my teeth into. It was not long and one of my first premolar teeth started aching.

The pain and agony which I had to undergo before it was removed was unbearable. This experience was to be an inspiration and a source of motivation for helping other people enhance their dental hygiene. I have always desired to pursue a career in dental hygiene so as to enable me offer professional preventive care to the people. Having known the trouble through which the caregivers and the dental patients go through, I have braced myself for this challenging task that will see become an advocate fir dental preventive care across the states.

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Being a dental hygienist can be quite demanding and I am convinced that I have the necessary qualities that keep me through the profession. I am a determined, open-minded, keen on details, considerate, and a prompt readiness to act under difficult situations. My desire has and will always remain be to do nothing less than perfect in all my endeavors. This quality will be quite instrumental when it comes to sensitizing the people about the dangers of poor dental hygiene. Moreover, dealing with the patients requires a lot of precision since the oral cavity is one of the highly sensitive areas. The past few years have seen an increase in the need for the promotion of dental care particularly the prevention of the various dental infections.

This has put a lot of pressure on the dentists who must attend to the ever increasing number of clients. While dentists are always concerned with technical procedures, the services of a dental hygienist are sought so as to offer preventive care among other responsibilities that help in the treatment of patients suffering from dental problems. Among the key stipulated responsibilities of dental hygienists which I think I can comfortably execute can be identified. The cleaning and polishing of clients’ teeth, as well as flossing the teeth of the patients are some of the crucial responsibilities. Sealing of patients’ teeth in order to prevent cavities is also a related duty. They are also expected to offer educative services to clients in order to keep them informed about the ways of enhancing dental hygiene and dealing with any emerging problems.

As a dental hygienist, one is also expected to take and develop X-rays before a dentist analyzes the structure of teeth for other treatment procedures. Dental hygienists are responsible for creating follow up charts for the patients. In general, the work of a dental hygienist involves assisting the dentists who are responsible for the more complex and technical procedures of dental care. After receiving the first certification as a dental hygienist, I would like to diligently serve the community.

However, with my desire to advance in the career, I would pursue further studies in this field, particularly to master’s level. This is in line with my long term dream of working in public institution programs like schools, clinics and research institutions or even as a teacher in a dental hygiene center.


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