Debate: Fingerprinting and Background Check vs. Invasion of Privacy

Nowadays, the development of technologies and science takes one of the most significant positions. Scientists can present numerous innovations, which may considerably improve people’s lives, help to find out the solutions and even to make the right choice.

Nowadays, numerous background checks and fingerprinting are improved by means of science, and people get more opportunities to find out more information about each other. Fingerprint identification is considered to be an accurate science, accepted by numerous state courts. Lots of civilians think that fingerprinting and background checks are all about invasion of privacy.

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I truly believe that such sciences like fingerprinting and background checks help to control society and establish justice, and in spite of the fact that people’s identification and investigation deprive lots of people of personal life, privacy, and secrets, the idea to live in disorder frightens me more.

Fingerprinting and background checks help to control society and provide the necessary order. If there is no means to control a person or, at least, to give some hints, this person can take unpredictable steps against the law. The value of fingerprinting lies in the fact that by means of such investigations, it is easier and more accurate to find out a criminal.

“Through the use of computers, fingerprints lifted from crime scenes, weapons, and other objects can be matched to a particular individual’s fingerprints in a matter of minutes” (Hall, 2008, p. 429). This is why within a short period of time, it is quite possible to find out a real criminal and assume the necessary measure.

With the help of background checks and fingerprinting, it becomes a bit easier to obtain justice. Very often, innocent people may be blamed for something they did not do. A profound background check may help to focus on person’s past and evaluate his/her actions in the present.

People cannot avoid mistakes, however, their mistakes should be grounded on their past experience, this is why such reliable techniques like background checks can be quite useful to those, who is looking for justice.

However, the above-mentioned techniques deprive people from one simple issue – their privacy. It becomes not very difficult to organize a background check and find out some personal information that should be secret. People can be found anywhere; the presence of people in any place may be identified by means of fingerprinting.

Is it fair to deprive people from their personal life by means of background checks? To my mind, it is not fair. This is why it is crucially important to have an access to such techniques only in the extreme cases, when the question or blame has strong grounds.

According to the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, also known as the Bill of Rights, people have a kind of protection from government authorities. This is why no one has the right to worm into other person’s life without clear reasons. Fingerprinting and background checks cannot be considered as invasion of privacy, but on the contrary, as one more means in order to make this life safe and law-abiding.

With the help of such techniques, it is possible to clear up who is a real criminal and who is a victim. Fingerprinting and background checks are really useful, however, not everyone should have an access to these technologies in order to control people’s existence somehow.

Reference List

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