Dear, Niger. These droughts have killed off a

Dear, AlanaHello Alana, how are you? This is my first time having a pen pal. Thank you for contacting me I am very excited to speak with you. My name is Isabelle Ademetarin. I was born and raised in Niger. This country is very different than America.

Unlike some other countries Niger isn’t a very developed country. A huge portion of my country is below the poverty line. Everyone here struggles to support their families. My family included.

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My mother gave birth to seven children. Only four out of those seven children have survived past the age of two. Not a lot of children here make it past infancy. Food is a very big problem here in Niger. There’s not enough food to keep the huge  population healthy.

People are undernourished because of this absence of an adequate amount of food. The population is growing even more and that is making this already big problem even bigger. To obtain even the little food we have we do this thing called subsistence farming. My family and I do farming like a lot of other families to keep us fed and alive.

We practice pastoral nomadism so we move from field to field and herd animals. Most of us Nigerians live in rural areas so we have the space to do this herding and farming.It is very dry and hot where I live which makes it harder to farm. The amount of arable land here is very minimal.

There has been a lot of droughts recently in Niger. These droughts have killed off a bunch of the animals people use to help promote the growth their crops and lessen the amount of labor the people have to do. Because of the loss of their animals those people haved moved away to find work elsewhere. My family and I still reside in rural Niger to farm. We grow all types of crops  like millet, sorghum, peanuts, black-eyed peas, rice, maize, potatoes, sugar cane, onions and manioc These crops grow more efficiently in our climate.

The green revolution didn’t really touch Niger so we stick to using our hands mostly.


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