DC power sources are connected to 3 pairs

DC stepper
motors are type of dc motors which are used because of their accuracy. They can
range from simply designed motors with as little as 6 stator teeth and 4 rotor
teeth to more accurate designs which have 48 stator teeth and 50 rotor teeth.
In a simple stepper motor with 6 stator teeth, 3 external power sources are
connected to 3 pairs of stator teeth. When a current is provided, they form
positive and negative poles. A permanent or electro-magnet called the stator is
made up of a series of insulated layers called laminations. When a pair of the
rotor teeth becomes energised, the opposite poles attract and the armature
rotates. When this pair is de-energized and the next pair is energised the
stator gets attracted to the next one and in this case will rotate 30° each
time. In another example of a stepper motor which has 48 stator and 50 rotors,
a similar method is used but instead a step angle of 1.8° can be achieved. I
feel that a quad-copter doesn’t require this kind of accuracy that the stepper
motor would offer and that other motor types would be ideal for this reason.


One advantage
of stepper motors is that they can be quite small which is required if it was
for a small quadcopter. Size isn’t a reason why I think they shouldn’t be used
for a quad-copter but the size may affect the characteristics of the motor. A stepper
motor which has a higher step count tends to be larger and the speed and torque
can vary because of this. High step count motors top-out at lower RPMs. The
higher step-rates needed to turn these motors results in lower torque than a
similar sized low-step-count stepper motor at similar speeds. Therefore the
size of the motor does not matter too much, as long as it has enough torque to
power the given rotor blade size. A motor with higher torque will drive a
larger propeller at lower speed when producing a given power output versus a motor
with higher speed. The higher speed motor’s smaller but faster propellers will
be less efficient than the lower speed one. Efficiency is an important
performance characteristic because it will mean the quadcopter can fly for
longer on one charge. A stepper motor is less efficient than other motors for
the use in a quad-copter so this is another reason why I do not think they are
the ideal motor for the job.

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