Database department of Computer Engineering. Preciso is a

Database Management is a rapidly emerging field.
The traditional database concepts have been
evolved into high-performance
database management systems such as NoSQL, Big Data, Distributed databases
which are used by successful organizations. My undergraduate program in Computer Engineering has exposed
me to these interesting aspects of databases which I would further like
to explore in detail. I would now like to develop the skills necessary to analyze, design, configure and manage data
warehouses thus transforming data into robust
information systems.
Towards this end, I would like to pursue a master’s program and focus on
courses such as ___ and ____; areas that I think I can make a contribution to
and further develop my career in.

My third-year mini project ‘Car Showroom
Management System’ laid the foundation of my interests in databases. This was a windows desktop application which
stores the entire information of cars in the showroom
and their customers. The application was
designed in C# .Net, and MongoDB database and the frontend and
backend connectivity was established using
Mongo Client.

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My final year
project ‘Preciso: Effective Content
Improvisation System’ was sponsored by Persistent Systems Limited. I was
one of the four students who got selected for the sponsored project from the entire department of Computer Engineering.
Preciso is a plugin which works on Microsoft word. The plugin contained three

Spell Checking: Every word was compared with the dictionary, and
then recommendations
are provided if any spelling mistake occurs. It uses en-US dictionary for spell
checking. Python language was used for
this module.

Tone Checking: This feature scans
all the words in the document and calculates the score based on positive words
(admire), negative words (annoyed), increasing words (too), decreasing words (little)
and inverted words (not) which are stored in .yml files. If the score is
positive, i.e., greater than 0, the document has a positive
tone. If the score is negative, i.e., less than 0, the document has a negative tone,
and neutral tone is shown when the score is
equal to 0. Nltk and python are used for
this module.

Summarization: It was the most challenging part of the project because the summary
was context based. It summarizes the document and provides essential content form it. First, the frequency
of each word is calculated excluding stop words or stem words like a, an, the, etc. The sentences containing high-frequency words are returned, and then these
sentences are provided as a summary of that document. This module was
implemented using NLTK and Python.

The frontend was designed
in HTML5, CSS and backend was coded in
Python language. Frontend and backend were connected using JavaScript. Being a sponsored project, I got to see how the
projects are designed, developed and deployed as per client requirements.
In the same year, I published a paper titled ‘Content Improvisation by Spell
Checking Grammar Checking, Tone Checking and Scoring’ based on this project in
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology Volume 3 Issue

My undergrad studies have helped me
identify that my interest lies in subjects like Database Management Systems and
Data Structures and now I want to explore these fields in depth. Pursuing
Masters & Research is essential to the full
growth of my creative potential in software development and putting this
academic knowledge to work, on useful practical
projects, will give me a creative
satisfaction. The graduate program in Computer
Science includes the study of ______ which matches my interests. I hope to get
an opportunity to pursue my graduate studies at your esteemed university, and if given a chance, I would work diligently
towards achieving my academic and career goals.   



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