Data” repositories(www) etc. Surfaced with huge collections of

Data” is an essential part of
life. In life absolutely everything entails data, in fact “Data is life and
vice versa”.

Looking at the
swift and vivid technological improvement, it is with no doubts that data has
gained much acknowledgements from all fields ranging from the IT sector, agricultural
sector, financial sector health sector, etc. we are in an era known as the “highly
informative era” where everything is basically computational and
technologically driven. Due to the electronic devices developed to aid in the gathering
of these data, outrageous amount of information has been collected over the passing

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Presently, quite a
lot of data has been collected over various platforms like media(texts,
pictures audios and videos etc.),bank transactions data, scientific data, artificial
intelligence, medical data, satellite sensing, games, digital media,
memos(e-mail messages), website repositories(www) etc. Surfaced with huge
collections of data, new ideas has to be created to help resolve all big-data related
issues, these ideas are an automated summary of data, mining of necessary stored
data from the database and discovery of organized raw data which brings rise to
the term “DATA MINING”. Presently, over 2 billion people worldwide are connected to the
internet, and over 5 billion individuals own mobile phones, it is estimated
that by 2020, 50 billion devices would be connected to the internet, at this
point estimated data production would be 44 times greater, as information is
transferred and shared with the speed of light on optic fibre and wireless
network, the volume of data produced increases. The fast growth rate of the
large data generates numerous challenges such as the rapid growth of data,
transfer/sharing speed, diverse data, security etc.

Therefore, this
article completely surveys and classifies the various attributes of big data,
including its nature, definitions, volume, management, analysis and security.


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