Customer value

Customer value refers to the disparity between what a consumer gets out of a product and what is given out in exchange. It is the net benefit realized by the customer from a service or product in relation to its price. Businesses usually analyze customer value to establish how best they serve their buyers.

The actual usage of the services and products by the customer to increase their value also matter. The aspect is widely used to determine competitive prices for their products. The point leads to customer proposition, which is the promise, to customer from the venders. Relative performance is an aspect which identifies the satisfaction the customer gets from the product in relation to what other competitors offer. The three stores should, therefore, be distinct in order to give value to their customers.

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These stores aim at satisfying the needs of their customers and retaining them. There is no clear distinction among the three stores, and there is a buffer zone between any two. Whole foods store stocks foods that are unrefined and unprocessed, or slight processing or refining is done before consumption. The stocks do not contain any additives.

They include vegetables, fruits, fish, fresh meat, poultry, and milk. This store aims at providing customers with the foods listed above. The value for money the customers receive is fresh and unprocessed products. Some customers do not need the added ingredients thus prefer whole foods for a healthy diet. Small farm fruit and vegetable store aims at supplying the customers with fresh fruits nag vegetables. Customers get the value for their money when they receive fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm.

Super stop and shop usually offer a variety of food and non- food products to its customer. The stock is usually large, and customers have a range of products to choose. This enables buyers to take what they like most to get the best value for their money. The stores should be distinct in their products and operation. It is cumbersome to distinguish the stores because they sell the same products. A clear distinction will enable customers to have a clear mind where to go for the product.

Whole foods stores are specialized in supplying unrefined and unprocessed foods. Some foods are slightly refined and processed. The products include vegetables, fruits, fish, fresh meat, poultry, milk and whole grain. The stores aim at maintaining the fresh conditions of products. Some stores use food preservation methods to keep the products fresh for several days. Products like chicken are kept alive, or a few may be slaughtered.

The owners usually keep the stock quantity relative to customer base to ensure the products do not get wasted because some are perishable. These stores target almost all classes of people. They exist in small towns to large cities, so they can attract all people. The stores in large cities usually have a wide range of products than those operating in small towns and the rural areas.

Some whole foods stores offer full grocery range. Customers get a range of product they need in one stall. Best whole food stockiest provide extra services to customers to increase customer satisfaction. These services include cutting the vegetables like cabbages, washing the fruits thus becoming ready for consumption.

The customer feels the value for the sacrifice when such services are offered. Whole-food stores usually operate during the day except for a few in major cities. Such stores range in size. Some operators place their product on the stalls under a shade while others stock in large secluded buildings.

Super stop and shop is a modernized store selling food and non – food products. Such stores run large grocery chains in large cities and towns. The products include fresh fruits and vegetables, processed food-staff like canned fruits and meat. Some non- food products like mineral water and medicine are also found in suck stores.

The super stop and shop stores are big and usually satisfy the needs of the customer. They offer varied services to consumers in terms of product and operation. This store is preferred by the high-class customers because they are found in large cities and mostly in the city centers. Ready to eat foods are available for customers in these stores thus saving them time. The products are usually placed in clean containers, and fresh state is maintained using fridge. Most stores in this cadre operate on a twenty four hour basis.

The small farm fruits and vegetable stores merchandise in fruits and vegetables. The business is usually small in size and trades, in naturally fresh farm products especially fruits and vegetables. Some sellers may include cereals in stock to increase their customers. This grocery finds a niche in a place far from large operators like whole foods and super stop and shop stores.

The stores offer their customers the value for their money. The products are fresher than those in the other stores. Consumers of these products experience life in them thus are not regretting the sacrifice they undergo. These stores are mainly found in the countryside to avoid competition. Thy trades close to people thus saving customers energy, time and other resources.


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