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Customer Engagement
techniques using IMC

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Harshit Agarwal
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engagement although
broadly discussed and researched, yet still our understanding of the
definitions and working of customer engagement is very limited as the
historical models assumes some a linear customer journey; leading from exposure
through a marketing stimulus, resulting in a decision-making process and
finally an action (i.e., purchase). However, today’s consumers are no longer
only receivers of communications, but actually participants, senders and
influencers and participants in brand conversations.  The customers are
constantly being influenced by messages from friends, social networks, media,
and intermediaries and the brand no longer controls when and how customers

integrated marketing view is not only about the campaigns, vehicles and tactics,
but about the co-ordination and collaboration of customer, CRM, data, tactics, media,
advertising, etc.


Some of the
trends in customer engagement are:

Mobile First 
As more people are now spending time on their smartphones designing
communications for mobile should take priority over desktop interfaces. An
average smartphone user spends over 5 hours looking at the small screen and it
is a great place to catch the attention of a consumer.

Omnichannel Marketing
As reports show that 65% of customers are frustrated with inconsistent
messaging and service, brands are now looking to deliver consistent and high-quality
service regardless whether the channel is a brick and mortar store or based
upon internet.

Visuals & Videos
According to psychologist Albert Mehrabian about 93% of the total communication
is non-vocal i.e. the people rely on vocal and facial clues more than the
actual words. In 2016, 75% of Facebook posts and tweets with graphics were shared/retweeted
150% more often than those without any graphics.

The market has slowly evolved from mass media to social and now it’s all about
one-to-one marketing.

According to reports the average attention span for a consumer has dropped from
12 seconds to 8 seconds and it is a marketer’s responsibility to alter in a
content in a balance as too much content can overwhelm, but small content that
captures the eye will encourage customer engagement.

Marketing Immersion
Seeing the success of Pokemon Go in 2016, brands are now coming up with
innovative marketing ideas using live-streaming videos. 360-degree videos, and
augmented reality.

2016 was the year of live video with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Instagram
introducing live video. Video posts have 135% greater organic reach and people
spend 3x longer watching a live video than a recorded one. Brands are taking
notice. Look out for Snickers’ live ad during this year’s Super Bowl.

Faster “Instant” Responses
This past year, consumers reported that speed of service is extremely valuable
customer service attribute. The customers expect a response to their inquiries
within 24 hours and with 75% thinking it takes too long to reach a live agent
anyways. Solving a customer’s problem by listening and acting fast will create
strong and long-lasting relationships while facilitating brand dialogue. A telephonic
conversation is most preferred with e-chats being the second preference.




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