The culture has hundreds of tales. They are

The work in this assessment is entirely my own, with acknowledgements where relevant. I hereby declare that I have made a copy of the assessment and can make the copy available to my tutor should it be necessary. Signed: Date: Tina Rauer Student #1015313 Page 1 of 7 COR 109 Explain the difference between culture and communication and how a cultures heritage is communicated. Support your argument with relevant research. Tina Rauer Student #1015313 Page 1 of 7 Dreamtime forms part of the native aboriginies culture, but it is used as a form to communicate to each generation.

First the analyzation what cultur and communication is, than the similarities and diffrences between them and last the way a cultural heritage is expressed. Communication and culture are two different issues, but they are interwoven. Communicated through culture is every urbanity’s cultural heritage. Culture, using family as its first of many conduits, teaches the child how to behave in manner it is acceptable to adults and meaning to events and objects. It also provides structure, which supplies humans with the skills and rules necessary to adapt our world.Cultures have evolved to the point where they are people’s primary means of satisfying three types of needs: Basic needs, such as food shelter and physical protection.

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The second need is derived need such as organization of work, distribution of food, defense and social control. Last, the integrative needs like psychological security, social harmony and purpose in life. Culture is understood as collectively held set of attribute, which is dynamic and changing over time (Gopalkrishnan, 2003). Because culture influences people from the instant they are born, they rarely aware of the many messages it sends.The stories each culture tells its people , whether in form of folktales, legends, or myths, are all intended to transmit the culture from person to person and from generation to generation.

Every culture has hundreds of tales. They are very useful tools for teaching children culture because they cover a wide range of cultural concern. In fact the ‘group’s knowledge stored up in (memories, books and objects) for future use’ (Samovar, 2001) is the core of concept of culture. There would be no culture, without the advantages from those who lived before.A trip to a museum and galleries quickly reveals how the art of culture is another method of passing on culture, found in every culture. Communication is an exchange of meanings between individuals through a common system of speech, symbols, signs or behaviour.

Signals, signs and symbols are three related components of nonvocal communication processes found in all known cultures. Beating drums was one of the earliest methods used to tell members of a community that it was curfew time.The use of bells for this purpose is also of great antiquity, and in 1068, during the reign of William the Conqueror, the bells were rung by law, at seven in the evening, so that all might cover the fire and extinguish the lights (Semmelroth, 2003). They have attracted considerable attention because they do not relate primarily to the usual conception of words or language.


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