James to the domain of the outlook.

James Joyce ‘s Ulysses, is by and large regarded as a modernist novel.

At the clip when Joyce was: “ aˆ¦writing Ulysses he had set himself the ‘task ‘ of composing a book from 18 different points of position and in every bit many manners ”[ 1 ]. Historically, modernism is often linked with the rise of industrialisation. The basic struggle was that modern life was different than the life of the past. People ‘s lives had become progressively complex at the clip, and they were forced to play a figure of different social functions, the consequence was that life came to be fragmented and disjointed.

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In the modern universe, linguistic communication was being stressed upon as people tried to place with one another. This essay will find the modernistic thoughts that James Joyce ‘s Ulysses nowadayss, and the relation of it with Homer ‘s Odyssey. The essay will concentrate on the literary devices Joyce uses in his authorship, and the consequence of them on the readers and characters within the narratives.In Ulysses, Leopold Bloom corresponds to Odysseus, nevertheless it is non easy to merely read the narrative as a re brand of the Odyssey as Leopold Bloom besides corresponds to Leopold Bloom. Ulysses is in fact a peculiarly realistic novel, and Joyce makes certainly he does non allow the plot line be forced upon by fable. Joyce turns a normal twenty-four hours in a adult male ‘s life into a epic narrative by opening and analysing his inner ideas in deepness.

He attempts to convey in the gesture of the narrative get downing with the domain of struggle, and fleetly traveling to the domain of the outlook. There are many differences than similarities in the two narratives of Ulysses and The Odyssey. “ While Odysseus goes from topographic point to topographic point, Joyce goes from manner to manner ”[ 2 ]. In many ways, Telemachus is merely a less formed version of Odysseus.

He is shown to be a tad woman hater, while Odysseus is in many ways more womanly. He possesses several traits which merely Homers female characters portion, and he identifies with adult females in a manner that no 1 else can, chiefly with Penelope.In the Odyssey, Telemachus, the boy of the hero Odysseus, grows up in a universe of greed and neglect ; he is one of the most important characters throughout the whole narrative. During Telemachus ‘ journey to seek for the intelligence of his male parent, he is shown traveling through the development of turning up as an grownup. From the start of the text he is conveyed as a simple silhouette of his male parent, nevertheless towards the terminal he is shown to go more like his male parent in footings of compassion and enterprise. Although he comes into his adolescence at the beginning of the book, turning up without a male parent still makes Telmachus to some extent wretched without enterprise.

Telemachus was obviously younger than Odysseus, and he had less forbearance.Odysseus nevertheless, being older, had a more knowing mentality to most things hence he knew he had clip. Telemachus is the first to assail without a idea, whereas Odysseus thought hard through his onslaught, and was better at protecting himself. There are many similarities and differences between both characters.

Ulysses is a book in which countless characters are brought out and developed through a figure of disparate ways. The most momentous development that occurs in the narrative is the development of Telemachus. Joyce illustrates his character as an incredibly complex individual, and continues to develop his personality from get downing to stop int he story.A At the start of the text he is shown to be a mere shadow of his male parent whereas towards the terminal he is considered merely every bit brave as his male parent usage to be. Many factors influence Telemachus as he grows into a adult male, his name signifies ‘far from conflict ‘ , A this name in many ways can be seen and revealed to be dry in the book as Telemachus ends by taking portion in two conflicts. Not holding any fatherlike figure in his life as a kid persistently affects Telemachus ‘ character in the book.

A He develops into an discerning, withdrawn and weak person who is to the topmost graduated table spoiled by his one and merely mother.AA figure of literary techniques are obviously used in Telemachus. It is shown to be a journey of manhood, which through the usage of a assorted figure of actual devices transmits the significance of a several society.

The narrative is a narrative verse form which presents us the readers with a traditional journey that the character undergoes. Joyce uses the method of utilizing the flashback technique in order to portray readers when there is a alteration in the scene or when there is a alteration in the clip frame. This technique is widely used by writers in modern twenty-four hours society to exemplify a surprising yet easier to understand plot line.

The imperative alteration on the concatenation of events that takes topographic point in the text adds to the complexness of the narrative. When this method is used it gives us the readers the power of clip travel, leting us to see events out of their given clip construction. Flashbacks in many ways can assist to do the narrative more interesting and assist pull the reader in. They are usually used to give us the readers a better position and apprehension of the overall narrative.

Important information about the supporters and elements of the narrative are revealed to the reader through the usage of flashbacks. Homer makes usage of this device in The Odyssey when King Nestor repeats the narrative of the Trojan War. This flashback in peculiar allows readers to hold on and place with the character of Odysseus. This method is besides used to state the narrative of Odysseus ‘s escapades as he fought his manner place through a assorted figure obstructions.The construction of the narrative is a narrative verse form ; it presents the plot line in a manner which proves to be really flexible. This type of literary fundamental law allows for a hard or even a consecutive forward verse form to be either long or short. Narrative verse forms are usually passed down to the following coevals by the uninterrupted retelling of narratives.

Children in today ‘s society turn up hearing different narratives as a tradition ; they so pass those narratives down to their ain kids. Joyce presents his, “ stylistic diversityaˆ¦towards the ‘truthful ‘ word picture of world ”[ 3 ]. The Odyssey on the other manus, is a narrative in construction of a classical journey, the male supporter in the narrative is shown to be on a mission enduring from brushs with supernatural existences, dwelling of monsters and Gods.Repeat is besides a technique which is used in Ulysses to stress the descriptions, duologues, and verbal communications in the narrative. The fact that repeat is used allows the narrative to be much easier told. By merely holding one narrative in the narrative truly cuts down on the sum of things that need to be remembered by the readers.

It besides provides itself as a benchmark manner that helps the storyteller act it out, or even improvize on the topographic point. The usage of repeat helps add to the tickle pinking consequence of the narrative. Repeating certain things over and over once more allows readers to be familiar with the repeat and what is traveling on. When this repeat is presented, our heads as the readers begin to roll go forthing our ideas and imaginativenesss open for entry. The Odyssey is a text that makes usage of similar transitions ; nevertheless the chief repeat Homer uses is in the portraitures of the images presented in the text. For illustration, Pallas Athena is continuously referred to in relation to her eyes.

She is normally referred to as the beautiful eyed goddess. In this instance reduplication is used in order to foreground a specific point that Homer tries to set across about her character. The Odyssey makes usage of barbarous imagination to convey the subject of reprisal. This astonishing imagination in world gimmicks the reader ‘s involvement and is a great agencies of look for the subject of retaliation.

In decision Joyce uses different characters in order to convey out a more modernist significance and feel to his narrative. It is clear to place the differences and similarities both Ulysses and The Odyssey possess, Joyce tries to convey a new version by changing and modifying his characters, whereas Homer ‘s Odyssey exists merely in the yesteryear. Joyce obviously brings out a more modernistic experience and environing to the text in order to associate it to the modern universe, this therefore allows readers to associate to it and allows it be in a more modern-day universe. The literary devices Joyce chooses to utilize create puzzling and realistic scenes to his narrative, he specifically uses for illustration techniques such as ‘flashbacks ‘ , and ‘repetition ‘ in order to convey across a capturing scene by go forthing an attractive feeling on the readers.Word: 1646


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