I the one who configured man with his

I am aware that I am a mortal being that exists in a constantly changing world alongside other beings. The fact that I am human differentiates me from other non human beings though there are some aspects that we share. I exhibit noesis; a capacity to sense what goes around me, hence understand what is going on in my surroundings. It is through his faculty that I am able to be conscious of all forms, tangible or intangible that I come across. Perception and reasoning allows me to have a world view (weltanschauung) which is apparent in my syntactic association with all things that I perceive.

I pursue eudemonia after considering what is right or wrong, good or evil (ethics). I consider God to be an all knowing, omnipresent, and omnipotent being who is perfect and unlike us, does not change. This view of God is not so divergent from the one held by Plato who considered God to be intangible and impersonal.

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I believe that God is orderly and I therefore attribute the order that is prevalent in the world to his power. It is the same power, in my view, that brought the universe in to being from the void that existed before then. This view concurs with the one held by Plato as he was against negative depiction of God; he postulated that God was pious and divine. In my view, evil comes from the devil’s manipulation of man. Devil takes advantage of imperfections of man and drives a wedge between him and God resulting to his disgrace. Probably this implies that God is to some extent responsible for presence of evil since he is the one who configured man with his imperfections and fails to reign in the devil who manipulates man


Epistemology-What do I know? Epistemology is concerned with what knowledge is, how it is structured, its characteristics, frontiers and how it is acquired.

I seek knowledge continuously through for instance personal inquiry, practice and education. Logic-What is a valid argument? An argument becomes valid if its conclusion is logically derived from true premises. Metaphysics-What is reality? It is concerned with the basic character or nature of being. Things are not always what they seem to be; some appearances may be deceptive while some may end up being real while they are thought to be invalid. Ontology-Who am I? / What am I? I am a human being. A human being is a mortal being that exists, has an intellect and uses his wisdom to try and overcome limitations that characterize him.

Axiology-What is good value? Value is the worth that is assigned to an object or phenomena. Something is said to be of good value if it exhibits harmony and beauty or has been arrived at through the right way. Ethics-What is the aim of life? Ethics is concerned with morality in life; a distinction between good from evil, right from wrong and vice from virtue. While living, human beings concern themselves with doing what is just, good and right.


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