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Most people argue that there are no secrets to success. However, successful managers assert that there are several considerations which should be taken into account while implementing a development strategy. Eddy Cue, the vice president of Apple, began working from a strategic base around which he has turned round the company.

This paper looks at how one can implement a strategic development idea in a creative way like Eddy Cue did hence the phrase a ‘creative thinker’. It is important to gauge an entrepreneur’s source of inspiration. Every project begins with an idea.

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An idea may be born out of the needs of customers or out of corporate studies. An idea forms the platform and the path on which the thinker follows. Upon coming up with the idea, the right and easily affordable tools should be used to implement the idea. In addition, critical ideas should be sifted out to establish their effectiveness. It is also crucial to involve the community and top innovators to evaluate and comment about your project.

With time, shift from ad- hoc decisions to clearly drawn procedures that will help establish the true rating of the product ideas (Stamm, 2008, p.367- 374). These are the practical things that Eddy Cue found necessary. For any strategic project to succeed, time and personal determination are a requirement. Cue’s creative concepts were based on efficient time allocation. Just because one has a concrete idea is not enough to ensure that the project succeeds. A sufficient amount of time will be required to ensure that the project to turns into a reality.

Creative work is also driven along the motivation for the project. It is therefore important to maintain the motivation through discipline and consistency (Gonzalez, 2008, para. 8). The approach that an individual gives the idea determines the success of the project.

After securing enough time Eddy Cue gave his strategic idea a comprehensive approach. He assumed the position of a leader towards his distribution of tasks and programming. As a leader in a project it is critical to draw proper designs and adequately distribute the applications. Success in implementing development strategies is driven by involving customers in the early stages of the project. This ensures that there is a ready market for the product being designed. Early adopters and consumers who are open too new ideas will always embrace the product. This in turn will provide the business with an additional market unlike other businesses where the consumers need awareness first and trials of the product being introduced (Stamm, 2008, p.

367- 374). Finally, creative innovators think about how the product will be delivered. As a result of the radical innovations within Apple Company, Eddy Cue and his management crew embarked on providing sufficient information to the external community. This equips the customers with the right information about the product or service hence minimizing false expectations among the potential users of the product or service. Further, Eddy Cue paid attention to his daily behaviors so as to ensure that they were in line with his strategic idea (Gonzalez, 2008, p.367- 374).

In summation, software development requires generation of effective ideas. In addition, sufficient time should also be allocated to ensure that the implementation process succeeds. The success of the project is also determined by the effectiveness with which various tools and techniques are incorporated.

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