This courteous. The purpose of the passage

This article is discussing the trends of courtesy in different parts of the world, and the author examines how humans around the world are cultured (where courtesy is concerned). This is because the article investigates contexts in which courtesy should be shown by people to other people.

The main point of this passage is informing people about courtesy in the world. Courtesy is shown more in developed countries than in developing countries. For instance, courtesy is high in America and Europe as compared to Asia and Africa.

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This passage is organized such that it has an introduction and development of the argument. The passage starts by citing some situations that courtesy is required. Therefore, the reader develops a clue of what will be discussed. The lady in Mexico does not hold open the door, the sales attendant in Seoul thanks the buyer and a young lady in Toronto stops to help a lady pick her papers. This passage is written such that the tone calls a person to be courteous.

The purpose of the passage is to get people to understand the importance of courtesy and act on areas that need one to be courteous. The writer takes a global point of view to show that courtesy should not be restricted to some places only. Courtesy is very important as it makes people live in harmony. The trends of courtesy in a given society affect the courtesy of other people since people follow the norms of the society. Therefore, if people from a certain society are not courteous, the next generation will also not be courteous.

This article is very informative. Reading this article will make a person conscious of the importance of courtesy in the world. It will also make a person predict the reception of the people where that person wishes to visit.


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