Continuing services back to the aged. Through its

Continuing care
retirement community is one of the best places where the aged and the aging can
get enrolled to and enjoy their retirement in a smooth caring environment. The
community is dedicated to ensuring that at the old age and during times of illnesses,
there will always be a solution as the staff and resources are readily
available. The community care has good recommendations from the involved
community and other interested participants (Moss et al., 2015). The occupancy
levels are never below 97 percent making it one of the best places to reside.
The community serves the aged individuals who feel they need some extra care
levels. The entrance fees are refundable to the residents after death with no
conditions. For the community to be a success and of assistance to the target
population, there is an aggressive marketing which allows the interested
residents to know more and get connected to the community even before they sign
up. One of the major reasons as to why the community offers a full refund to
the residents is in order to attract more candidates. The packages such as an
upgrade in living status are also reduced compared to other homes and the
moving allowances are very low (Moss et al., 2015). The hiring of staff is also
very essential, and the community only hires the most qualified and people with
the passion of serving others. This is not just a business but a way of giving
quality services back to the aged. Through its ever open and available
services, the community invites more and more people into its residence. The
staffs are always very helpful to ensure that the residents are well catered
for until death or any other outcome. Pickersgill Retirement Community is considered
one of the oldest community care for retirement old people in Maryland it founded
1802 and it is nonprofit community begun with small group of women that they took
care for their guest, they also give to their guest comfortable home with high quality
care with affordable cost. Pickersgill Retirement Community give to their guest
the independence for their choice and assistantship. Glen Meadows Retirement Community
is another example for Continuing Care Retirement Community, it is also located
in Maryland they provide to old people meaningful experience and quality care. Glen
Meadows Retirement Community is considered one of the Presbyterian Senior Living
member and it is followed by the life environment and educate about Jesus.     

Culture change is
a way in which the normal known elderly care units are transformed from the
medical care facilities for long-term services to the involved and supportive
care home environments. The ideology behind this culture is to have a change in
from the norm to a community where there are personal care and other involved
amenities. The community has at least three organizational levels which help in
keeping the residents safe and in a good place (Sheard, 2014). Organizational
levels are the basic assumptions which the management regards as essential and
are trained to the new members to help them stay informed in terms of thinking,
relation and atmosphere within the organization. The three levels are the basic
assumptions, values and the artifacts. Assumptions are what educate the members
on the beliefs which assist in guiding the members on how to think and perceive
everything around. In the community, they are valued as they enhance the
relationship between the members. The values are what the community considers
as the most beliefs which make the community a better place for the residents
and staff. The ethical practices in the community are of values to the
residents and staff. The behaviors of individuals are also keenly observed and
are keenly observed to prevent any crisis or disturbing behaviors (Sheard,
2014). New members are highly invited by the good environment the stories and
histories of the community also keep the new members in a better position on
what to expect. The high levels of expectations from new members allow them to
be in good behavior and always ready to help out in any situation. The
management observes a high level of association with new and old members of the
community and this makes it easier to run the community without major
disadvantageous issues. 

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The culture change
relates to the personal-centered care services and the strength care services
in the sense that there is an improved level of services in the community. With
the person-centered care, the residents are offered individual undeterred care
services where they are always free and comfortable with the staffs. Strength-based
care is also improved in the sense that much effort is now dedicated towards
the same point of offering quality services for the residents (Sheard, 2014).
The community can adopt a culture change through involving qualified talented
and ready staff. The kind of care given to the residents is to make sure they
feel more at home than in a care center. The hospitality to be incorporated is
high class in that the residents can get used to social services and other
entertaining services. This plan will create a harmonious environment for the
residents as well as welcome more and more people to the community. The quality
of life for the residents will only improve to the better part of their lives.
Through the cultural change in the community, the residents will be presented
with better services when they are in need. The improvement in staffing for the
residents will also be improved since more qualified and capable staffs will be
employed. Making the community to look like a second home to the residents is
the main aim of engaging the change thereby making life more comfortable for
the residents (Sheard, 2014). The community will also attract more prospects to
the place and this will not only add more income to the business, but also make
the residents feel closer to the people as they will increase in number. The
aged require a quiet place where they can be able to relax and associate with
people to reduce the loneliness and this will be achieved through the change in

Using the
principles of design thinking, the community can implement the best
technologies in the management of the residents and make the running of the
organization to be in a quality level. Technology is one of the best
integrations for the community since the staffing can also be improved and
reduce time wastage in every situation. One of the best technologies for the
old age people is to integrate a sensory device to their lifestyle. This is due
to the high level of loss memory which can lead to a lot of damages (Kolko,
2015). For example, the old people suffer from lack of good memory and in case
they have left the oven and other fire hazard equipment on, the likely outcome
is fire. Most people aged 65 years and above have the capacity to maneuver
around the Smartphone’s as the current technology has the sound capability
which can direct the old on what to do next. The Smartphone’s can also be
connected to certain systems which have sensors of detecting needs and other
requirements. The sensors from the receiving end will, therefore, be able to
act as it has been directed. A Smartphone and a sensor that can be fixed on the
wrist of the old people can help in monitoring their activities. The sensor
will detect and send the information to the connected devices and prevent or
act according to the information sent. For example, the sensors can detect it
is time to eat and the person can either make food or request from any staff
through a monitored procedure (Kolko, 2015). The technology can be integrated
into the community as it serves the better part of the society. The technology
would act in place of thinking and help solve some of the major issues which
affect people at an old age such as the memory loss.

Robot & Frank
film is a movie that concentrates on making the life of the old people more
comfortable. In this movie, the old man can depend on the robot for any kind of
work to be performed. The robot is presented as the helper and family to the
owner even keeping his memory. The robot acts as the friend to Frank and in
many cases; the robot is seen helping out every time Frank is depressed. Frank
understands the robot as his family to a point where he is not ready to resist
the bond between him and the robot. On the other hand, the film Alive Inside is
a film that applies music to reduce the suffering of old people from Alzheimer
(Cisco, 2015). Music is applied to waken their minds to a point where they do
not feel any kind of depression. The aged in this film are subjected to some
music which they used to listen when young and most of them can still remember
the rhythm and words of the music. This indicates that the aged in this case can
have memory flashback on their youth life and this awakens their thoughts and
understanding. Music is presented as a way of relieving some inner pain as well
as being able to reduce the effects of Alzheimer. Both films explain the ways
in which old people can be assisted to live a comfortable life from either
listening to music or using robots to perform tasks on their behalf. The themes
used in this film such as music and technology are depicted as mediums which
the home care service centers can use to the aged community (Versizar, 2017).
The films relate to the learned topic since old people suffer in many ways and
there are ways in which these old people can be assisted. Music can be used to
reduce suffering from Alzheimer for people who cannot afford to get robot
services due to cost. These films teach us that old people do not have to
continue suffering while there are valued solutions to the problem. Music is a
soothing way of healing some problems while having a helper is a way of
reducing accidents as an effect of memory loss.











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