Contents roles and responsibilities of the volunteers taking


1.      Project
Overview.. 2
2.      Project
Scope. 2
a.      Project
Objectives. 2
b.      Project
Deliverables. 2
c.      Project
Requirements. 3
d.      Out
of Scope/Items Excluded. 3
3.      Stakeholders. 3
4.      Timelines. 4
5.      Budget
Estimates. 4
6.      Risk
& Mitigation. 4
7.      Assumptions. 5


 Project Overview

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of Illinois Bicyclists (LIB) as an organization is looking to raise funds via
an auction event to support a lobbying effort in Springfield which would help
promote trail development and access. Trails today have more of a recreational
orientation and LIB is also looking to educate people about their
organization’s goals by this event.

The below project plan would be reviewed and approved by the LIB Advisors
before being transitioned to be executed. The project charter has been
submitted to the blackboard for all stakeholders and volunteers to review and
provide feedback by 1/28.


2.   Project

a.     Project

Below are the objectives LIB is
looking forward to fulfill:

The goal of the auction is raise to $300,000 to
promote trail development and access in Springfield. The raised fund from the
auction should be accessible to LIB by Feb 1, 2018.

Publicize and educate people about organization
goals and generate more interests.

Future development of proper trails for the
bicyclist to access.


b.     Project

are the deliverables of this project:

Define and finalize all Logistics and Resourcing

Design an effective and lean plan with Key Stakeholders,
Decision Makers, Volunteers identified

The detailed project plan should map & define
the governance around roles and responsibilities of the volunteers taking

Present Key Milestones and Toll gates with
execution timelines

As a final Deliverable, this document should
identify all the risks involved and devise mitigation techniques for the successful
execution of the event


c.      Project

Find an event venue within the given budget and
set timeline

Gather participation from Volunteers for
successful execution of the event

Resourcing & Logistics–

Finalize the target group and prepare invitation
– 2 senior volunteers for 1 week

Send invitation and set up personal meetings if
needed – 8 volunteers for 3 weeks

Finalize all auction materials and their base
prices – 2 senior volunteers for 1 week

Event Coordination – 30 volunteers for 4 hours.

Event Planner – to do the pre- planning work and
also to take care of the logistics, set up and decoration of the venue on the
event day

Required Caterer to be booked – All Food and
Drinks menu to be decided and finalized

Budget all expenses of the event within $20,000

d.     Out
of Scope

This project is specifically a fund raising and
educational event with no intention to acquire new investors/partners for LIB.

The goal is not to attract new members


3.   Stakeholders

LIB Advisor(s): Will outline their role/time
commitment and how they would judge a project a success. Advise on project
communications and finalizing the Target Audience and the content of the

LIB Cofounders: Advice and help in finalizing the TG, Communication, and
Marketing Plan to make the event successful. If needed, conduct external
meetings with important audience for maximum participation.

LIB Senior Volunteers: Prepare formal invitations, TG,
guidelines, and see successful execution of the delegated responsibilities to
other volunteers. Act as a SPOC for all issues and problems.

Project Manager and Team: Responsible for all successful
execution of milestones and toll gates.

4.   Timelines

Below is a detailed project
timeline to follow for the event:

Budget Estimates



Risk & Mitigation




Missing out on key guests and target

Double review of the
guest list and the target audience with the Advisors and Cofounders

No. of Auction Items and their base prices
are too low keeping the target raise of $300,000 in mind

Consult an auction item specialist to
review and help with the items and their base prices

Non availability of easy reachable and
nearby venues due to budget constraints

Keep a buffer in
budget and a backup venue in mind













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