Computer Security

Computer security refers to systems effected to safeguard private and confidential information and services from access by unscrupulous persons. The four critical aspects of computer security are confidentiality, integrity and authentication or availability abbreviated CIA. Confidentiality entails privacy, integrity; protection from unauthorized, authentication; verification of the user and availability accessibility to authorized parties. Computer security is essential to both a business and an individual in the day to day operations.

Computer security is critical in securing the strategies of the business from its competitors but availing them to customers through the Internet. The business’ strategies are essential for its survival in the ever competitive world. These strategies have to be easily accessible to the customers but not to the other market players.

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Access codes to the business’ policies that have been posted on the World Wide Web are availed to the targeted clientele. The safeguarding of these strategies within the business gives it a competitive edge in the market. This results in increased sales and subsequent profit margins, in addition to providing an anchorage in the market.

An operational security system within the business is essential in preventing cases of fraud in the business in the form of security gateways. Effective gateway systems, which are all inclusive of the fore mentioned aspects of computer security, will enable their detection of fraud in the eventuality that it occurs.

The authenticity of the system provides for transparency and accountability. Any individual gaining access to information is directly accountable in the occurrence of a default during their operations. The blue tooth security technology also inhibits unauthorized persons from accessing information because it requires pass codes (Umar 2004).

Access of personal information has also been significantly computerized by means of the mobile phone. The tendency to abuse this information is, therefore, relatively high. However, a workable security system like cellar in the mobile phone has helped reduce thus abuse of information. The regulation to access of this information permits limited or no access by unauthorized persons. This has been practical for me in the use of my cellar-installed mobile phone.

The technology allows me to connect with my friends and associates at the touch of a button without my privacy being compromised. My associates, in turn, enjoy quick and convenient secure communication and transactions with me. The blue tooth security technology also inhibits unauthorized persons from accessing information because it requires pass codes and my consent.

The Internet data encryption technology has particularly proved to be a critical tool of computer security in both my business and personal life. Business wise, I have kept my strategies strictly private and confidential within my business circles. My customers and suppliers easily access the well guarded information and transact business online (McLoone & McCanny 2003). On the contrary, my competitors can not access the information which has given me a market leader status in the market.

My personal information and curriculum vitae are also widely available to the world. However, I have undertaken to guard it against access by unauthorized persons through the application of The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule. This has helped me gain more friends, associates and business partners while safeguarding my privacy from a legal point of view. The result has been a growth in my social, economic and personal spheres of life.

Computer security is, therefore, essential in the business and personal fronts of life. Not only does only does it give a global aspect but also does it in a secure manner to all the parties involved. This result in a win-win case for both the business vis-a-vis the individual and his associates. The individual stands to make all rounded significant steps in the right direction. More so, the business also stands to operate at optimum levels resulting to maximization in the profit margins.


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