Cloud each of the characters are going through

Cloud Atlas is a book where the author, David Mitchell used different genres and characters. It also has a lot of themes, there is a lot of philosophical talk about truth throughout the whole book, however, every story seeks the truth. In cloud atlas I feel like Mitchell is trying to say that eventually sooner or later we will find the truth, I also believe that he used  this theme because we’ve all been through situations where we have been lied to or where we have told a lie or perhaps we’ve actually been seeking for something and as some of the characters in here, they’ve gone too far to figure out the truth, so he did this so we can relate to it and understand what each of the characters are going through and see how their lives have changed.   In the beginning of the book, the story takes place on an Island ” I happened on a trail of recent footprints.” (P.3) In here is where we meet our first character, Adam Ewing a Doctor and surgeon. Mr. Ewing is a Christian, he is a gentleman and also compassionate, Ewing can also be naive at times, he trusts a lot and is a weak person. In the book cloud atlas, The author David Mitchell Proves to us that the truth always comes out by showing us with each characters how some tried to hide the truth and how others were seeking for it, starting with Adam Ewing.  In the beginning of the first chapter, he says that “Cynicism can blind one to subtler virtues.”(P.5) After coming across Dr. Henry Goose in the beginning of the story where he met him while walking on the island they both became friends. Goose was very helpful to Ewing, later in the book Ewing learns the truth of Henry’s treachery, he realized that Goose is betraying him. The author proves a point here, a lot of us have been blind by a person that we have trust with everything and then later they betray us. We don’t see it at first until we find out about it.   Another character is Robert Frobisher who is very talented, intelligent and very charming, he is a musician and also is a narcissist. Robert fears rejection and only claims that ” Assured her I’ve never loved anyone except myself.” (P.85)  The author of cloud atlas also shows us here, that the truth always comes out with this character. Robert has a lot of issues going on in his life, he feels like he has never lived up to his father’s expectations. He works with a man named Vyvyan Ayrs and he feels like he is doing all of the work and is not receiving any praise for the work he does. After a while Frobisher ends up finding out that Ayrs and his wife, Jocasta were just using him, he had been sleeping with his wife and apparently, Frobisher was also using her too, as he says “I agree, of course,  “used” her; just as shes “used” me too.”(P.85). When he found out about Ayrs and his wife he was devastated. Jocasta and Ayrs also had a daughter named, Eva who later made Frobisher think that she was in love with him and then told him she never loved him. He ends up finding out that he has nothing left, Later in the book, he commits suicide. He killed himself because he is too courageous and bold to keep living, he also killed himself because of eva telling him that she did not love him and also because Ayrs  destroyed him. David Mitchell proves another point here with these characters, most of the people have been through situations like this where they’ve been used or someone has used them and they have no idea but later in time they end up finding out about the truth or also with telling someone you love them when in reality you don’t.   The book Cloud atlas focuses a lot on the truth and the author shows us that eventually sooner or later we will find out about the truth. Our last character that we have, who was also seeking for the truth was Luisa Rey who is a genius and almost got killed for seeking the truth, Luisa and Frobisher both have a few things in common, they both are manipulative, dishonest and also ambition. Luisa was working as a journalist for the spyglass, later in the book, she meets a man named Rufus Sixsmith, Frobisher lover. Luisa and Sixsmith both got stuck in an elevator, where she began to investigate the Seaboard Corporation where Sixsmith worked at. He had written a report about the corporation that Luisa was trying to investigate, he had information about the dangerous things seaboard wanted to activate. Before all that he had told Luisa everything about the “whitewashing at Seaboard, the blackmailing, the corruption.”(P.96) The company tried to buy Rufus off so he won’t tell anyone about the truth, but instead, he left and ran away and later ended up getting killed by a worker from the corporation named Bill smoke. As Luisa was also trying to find more about the truth she also almost got her self-killed by the same person that assassinated Sixsmith. She was willing to risk her life just to figure out the truth and at the end, she accomplished her goal. The author did prove something in this part of the story, a lot of people are blackmailed and try to buy people off when they know about something that can cause them or their company harm and it has happened before with huge businesses and even with high people with power, like the government. As David Mitchell proved to us here, the truth eventually will come out no matter what we do to cover up the lies.     In every story, the truth is essential and never certain. All of these characters had something in common and that was, that each and one of them were all looking for an answer and were even willing to take a risk just to figure it out. While you can never be certain what the true truth is, one thing is for sure, the truth always comes out and the wrong always has consequences at the end.


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