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In this essay, the case of Johnny, a fifth grade student, who is known due to his misbehavior in the classroom, will be examined.

The major point is that Johnny’s misbehavior in the classroom is caused by his prior records; this is why it is not that easy to create a certain learning plan without taking into consideration numerous outside factors and Johnny’s personal preferences in some spheres of life. It is necessary to talk to the school counselor, discuss Johnny’s strong and weak points, taking into consideration his grade level, keep in mind possible rewards and obligatory schedules, and, at the same time, address the needs and duties of the rest of the students, who are in the same classroom with Johnny, in order to present a positive learning plan with the description of proper classroom management to help the boy under consideration increase his productivity and develop his skills within the classroom. One of the first steps of our work should be a thorough examination of the reasons of Johnny’s misbehavior and his explanation of taking this or that step.

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As the boy is a fifth grade student, his prior records are not that considerable, but still have to be taken into account, as any crime at young age needs attention and evaluation in order to prevent any other kind of crime in future. Due to such records, Johnny’s misbehavior is all about disobedience to teachers’ orders and tasks, rude relation to his classmates, and poor level of knowledge. It is quite hard for Johnny to make progress at the same level as the rest of the students make.

He does not want to find enough time to learn the material and realize how the things under discussion happen. He does not want to ask for help and even prevents other students to study the material. This is why it is crucially important to start thinking about proper classroom management and positive learning plan that can provide Johnny with a chance not to be behind the rest of the class. Good classroom management turns out to be significant in order to create positive environment for learning.

Time is considered to be one of the first enemies of any teacher; this is why it is better to think about time from the very beginning. Scaplen (1999) admits that not each student requires the same amount of time to accomplish the task; this is why it is better to analyze the abilities of the students as soon as possible and use this awareness during each activity. Even the transitions between the activities have to be properly managed (NEA Research, 2006).

If a student is good at calculating, it is wrong to give the assignments of the same type each time. It is better to order this student help another student do the same progress. As Johnny is a part of a certain group, it is better to spend equal part of time with each student during the classes, and then, ask Johnny to stay after classes in order to explain the discussed material once again and be sure that the subject is clear to the boy. To my mind, one hour will be enough. This very activity should help Johnny learn the material on the proper level and not to single out him from the rest of the group. Of course, it is better to give him one or, at least, a half of an hour, to have a rest after the classes.

Engaging activities and the use of rewards take an important place as well. It is better not to single out Johnny and give him easier assignments, just take into consideration the activities he prefers and provide him with a chance to deal with something, he is really fond of. After good accomplishing of the assignment, it is obligatory to remember about the rewards: to shorten the time for study after the classes or provide him with a good grade and even public praise within the classroom.

This activity may encourage Johnny and the rest of the class to do the same next time. David Wiggins admits that any student has certain needs: survival, fun, power, and freedom (n. p.). This is why to achieve good results with classroom management and Johnny’s learning plan, teachers should not forget about his personal preferences and give him a chance to use his skills and ideas to solve the problems and offer personal vision of the situation to analyze better his potential. Lots of professional writers admit that proper planning is a good start for classroom management (Enerson et al., 1997, p.16).

So, it is not surprisingly that the case of Johnny, a fifth grade student, who demonstrates his misbehavior within a classroom, should be properly planned. It is necessary to consider Johnny’s personal interests to encourage him to participate in classroom activities; spend more time to explain the material after the classes in order not to single out him between the rest of his class, but still, be able to help grasp the material on the proper level, and, finally, mind possible rewards to promote him for something better and demonstrate other students that thorough work and desire to learn and develop will be noticed and appreciated.

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