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The issues of security always bother people during a long period of time. Each nation wants to live in a safe city and be sure that some kind of control will always be present to improve their lives. A ring of steel is one of the most popular terms, which mean the security or surveillance system in order to find out threats and be able to prevent them.

New York and London have already established this security system, and now, it is Chicago’s turn to follow their steps. Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States of America with more that 2.5 million of people living there, one of the brightest Global Financial Centers, and a huge metropolitan area, known to the whole world, this is why the improvement of the security system of this city is considered to be a really burning issue nowadays, and Chicago should certainly consider London and New York’s rings of steel in order to create the same surveillance cordon and provide its citizens with safer present and future. The City of London offered the creation of the ring of steel at the beginning of the 1990s, as a result of Irish terroristic attacks on London (Forest, 82). The second city, who agreed for such kind of security systems, was New York. Such a fast spreading of this security system promotes many other cities to make use of the ring of steel and protect the nations against possible terroristic attacks. The main goal of this study is to prove that Chicago has to have the ring of steel and has to consider immediately other two cities’ rings of steel. The benefits of the surveillance system under consideration are rather obvious: (1) with the help of this system, the worker can prove that he/she gets injuries not because of his/her fault and deserves to use his insurance, and the government can take certain measure to eliminate the danger for the next time; (2) theft is inherent to any country, and the ring of steel provides people with a chance to follow possible thieves and prevent their activities; (3) this system allows to follow the work of employees and create the measure to improve the productivity.

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Chicago is a city of business, this is why any of the above-mentioned issues will positively influence the growth of the city. Project management structure of Chicago’ ring of steel is significant for its success: project board should be responsible for making any kind of consensus; government cooperating agency should care for governmental participation in the project; implementing partner should create the conditions to evaluate interventions and possible outputs; project assurance, management, and support will be responsible for each member of the project and provide the necessary help to develop the project on a proper level. The implementation program should be started with evaluation of surrounding environment: whether the roads should be reconstructed to provide proper transportation; which districts require a thorough observation; whether the places for establishing the cameras are safe enough and cannot be damaged from the outside (rain, birds, wind, etc). Then, financial costs should be analyzed, and the ability to pay for the services should be approved. Only in this case, the success of the program is possible. Chicago is rather a rich city, and the sphere of business is developing with unbelievable speed there, this is why the more security systems will be able to protect people’s actions and their business, the more chances the Americans, the citizens of Chicago, get to take leading positions in business and live safe and sound life.

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