CHAPTER 13.2% (Urara, 2018). According to the findings

CHAPTER FIVEDISCUSSION ANDRECOMMENDATION2.0 Introduction  In this chapter, the researcher willdiscuss the results in detail based on the data gathered and collected inChapter 4. The chapter will explain the challenges of reading printed booksamongst students in digital era and the suggestions for the future are alsoincluded in this chapter. 2.

1  DiscussionThe study found that the relevancy ofprinted books is still valid in this digital era because most of the studentsin Malaysia are still relying on paper or printed materials. The printed booksis still relevant especially among students is because the printed books areeases the students way to jot down the notes as compared to digital books. Eventhough digital books offer the unique and better platform which also canbookmark so many keywords but then, the researcher can assume that the studentsare more prefer to jot down the notes in their own notebooks. Besides that, on the findings, therelevancy of printed books in digital era also can be validate as most of therespondent state that one of the reason is because the value of the booksitself. As we know, the emergence of indie books has become trend in Malaysia. According Abraham(2016), on his writing based from Datuk Dr. Zurina Hassan, our youngreaders are supportive on reading the popular Malay fiction which is written inthe modernized version of Bahasa Melayu and peppered with generous amounts ofslang.This shows that most of the studentsare still reading printed books even though they only read zeros to three booksin a month.

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Everyone has their own perception on how valuable the books is butthe researcher predicts that every book has their own sentimental value whichsomeone can fall in love with after see the cover, read the content, touch itor even smell the books. Other than that, the printed books arestill relevant in this digital era because according to this research, theresearcher found that mostly the respondents want to read printed books isbecause to fill their leisure time and not read because of the certain purposelike to pass in examination but to gain more knowledge and they understandbetter when they read through paper. The emergence of technology nowadays giveschallenges towards printed books. This is because Malaysia does not want tomiss the chance to exploring the implementations of eBook for students.

Butbased on the study, researcher found that the printed books are still getdemand from students. Meanwhile, the demands of eBook in Malaysia are quiet lowas compared to other country. Based from statistic, Malaysian user penetrationof eBook is expected at 6.1% in 2018 which is still low compared to Thailanduser that expected to lead at 13.3%, followed by Singaporean user at 13.

2% (Urara, 2018).According to the findings in thisresearch, the researcher can conclude that there are positive and negativeeffects if the eBook is being implemented for students. The positive effects ofthe implementation are students easy to find information rather than printedbooks. This is because eBook serve the better navigation which will save timeand cost for students to search the information. The students no need to findthe book on shelf but they can easily browse the title of the books or keywordthey want to search within a second without wasting their times. Other than that, the positive effectthat can be found based on this research is that eBook is easy or light inweigh rather than printed books.

Besides, the eBook provide a thousand booksinside it and it save the students money. This is because as a student theywill need more than five books for their references. With eBook they do notneed to waste their money to buy many books that are thicker and heavy to be carryeveryday especially to go to class.

However, the implementation of eBookalso has the negative effect toward students. According to the research foundthat most of the respondent agrees that the implementation of eBook will causerapid eyes fatigue. These statements are reasonable as students need to facethe eBook for more than one hour and need to turn on the brightness for theeBook. Besides, if the eBook is being implemented in education, the studentalso will become lazy as the eBook already serve all things in it and thiscould lead to plagiarism cases or even copyright cases.The use of technology and digitalmedia in Malaysia are arising year by year.

This can be seen through gadget,wireless and web in other to gather information faster than before. Hence, theyoungster reading habits towards printed books nowadays are decreasingsignificantly. Not even that, the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networkingsite also contribute to one of the significant reason why the printed books hasno readers. In this study, the researcher foundthat it is important to enhance reading habit as culture among students andyoung adult nowadays. This is to avoid any consequences that in the future theprinted book will gone and the eBook become trend. It is true that, we cannotavoid that thing from happen but it is to make sure that in the future, theprinted books are still available and not fully abolish. Based on the result, the researchfound that most of the respondents say yes on the important of printed books inorder to enhance their reading habits. Besides, the respondent also readprinted books on purpose which to gain knowledge and they easily understand thetext through paper and not only read to pass in examination.

Other than that,the researcher found that the content in printed books is one of the reasonsthat could lead to arising of reading among youngsters. In order to develop the reading habitamong students significantly, the researcher examine that, most of therespondent says that the parents encouragement is the important element thatneed to be examine which can lead to reading habit. This is because the firstlesson is from home. The encouragement from parents since childhood isimportant because the children can imitate what that has learned and it willbecome habit until they growth up. 2.

2  Conclusion Reading a book might seem outdatedamong the teenagers nowadays as the invention of gadget and smartphones risingrapidly throughout the world. The implementation of eBook seems the best way,in other to gain reading habit among Malaysian especially students which it is veryuseful for education; even though this will give challenges on printed books.As for conclusion, the invention ofeBook actually eases the work for all people include the students, teachers,and workers as the eBook is designed in very compact size, with the interactivefeatures content, very light in weigh and easy to carry everywhere as comparedto the book.Even the invention of eBook growthrapidly worldwide but we should not forget out conventional system which is printedbooks. The book will not be forgotten as the whole still need a book as one ofreference in the future. Both eBook and also printed books has their ownreaders and the pros and cons between these systems.

Besides, both conventionalsystem and modern system has the same function which to convey a message andinformation towards the readers.As for a printed books, a jointventure between the government, private organizations, and society as a wholeis very important in order to foster interest in reading among students as thefuture heir Malaysia. There is no use if the regular resolution, decided tofind a solution if the implementation is not carried out systematically andextensively.But in the era of modernization today,eBook dominate the global market due to the rising of technology nowadays.Although the eBook market has the potential to be marketed globally througheducation, we cannot forget our conventional system which is printed book. It is become clear that E-Book willnot make the print books suddenly obsolete, because print books offer uniqueadvantages that eBook cannot yet exceed. The effect of eBook growing will berather, a slower more nuanced, undoing of tenet that have upheld book culturefor five centuries.          5.

3 Recommendation  Based on the findings of this study,there are several recommendations that the researcher endorses in order toimprove the future research under the same scope. This also can help theresearcher to improve the finding of this study to get the better result. Asthe study is about the challenges of reading printed books amongst students indigital era, it need on more in the future in order to see the does the growthof technologies and also to make sure the printed books still can survived inthe future. 5.

3.1 Recommendation toNext Researcher Based on the research study, most ofthe respondents think that the initiative is from the encouragement of parentssince early childhood is important. This is absolutely true because we can seethat most of the parents nowadays does not encourage their child to read printedbooks but they leave their child with gadget as it is more fun, attractive andmakes the child preoccupied with the games in that gadgets.   In the future, I would like torecommend to the next researcher to do in depth study on the trend of readingeither printed or digital books. Besides, the next researcher can also make aqualitative research by interviewing a few publishers or governmentorganization like MABOPA in order to know the market sales of printed book.

This is due to the limitation of constraint that makes  me difficult to do a solid research andaccurate data of the research 5.3.2 Recommendationto the Government Besides, the government shouldincrease the programs that related to printed especially in school. Thegovernment can also help the local publishers by giving fund to publishers tomake the activities that can includes the society to increase the readingcultural.

The government also can make a reading campaign every monthespecially towards youngsters nowadays.  5.3.3 Recommendationto Publishers The researcher also recommends that,the publishers need to know the trend and types of reading content in theprinted books. This is because to gain reading habit especially on printed bookseems so hard to be done. But yet, if the publisher manage to design a  good content, good storyline and a good coverdesign it is possible that the printed still can be survive in the futurerather than digital books.


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