CHAPTER need base schemes with following objectives. To


1 Objectives of research3.2 Investor centric objectives3.3 Industry centric objectives3.4 Use of Technology in Mutual fund 3.1 RESEARCH OBJECTIVEWe start our journey of economic development of Indiasince post independence With Hindu growth rate 3.5% to 8.9% in 2007-08 and onaverage 7.5% from last 25 years change the profile of India the progress of theIndian economy, especially when the focus is on upliftment   of  people living at the bottom of premed is proved as sustainabledevelopment.

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, There must be an attempt to include maximum number ofparticipation from all the sections of the society from all part of country.The attempt had been made in 1969 by Nationalization of dozen of banks insingle go But the lack of awareness and financial literacy among the rural andsame urban population of the country .This big attempt (Nationalization ofbanks) not result to include everybody in formal banking system so lowering thegrowth of the economy as majority of the population does not have access toformal credit as world bank report only 35% population have bank account. Thisis a serious issue for the economic progress of the country. In order toovercome such barriers, the banking sector emerged with some technologicalinnovations such as automated teller machines (ATMs), credit and rupee cards,internet banking (only 34% have internet connectivity), etc. Thoughintroduction of such banking cutting edge technologies brought a change in theurban society, a lot of the rural population is still unaware of theseinnovations of banking technology and is out of formal banking channel. In sucha situation how could provide them to the solution for those person whoseunderstanding about  financial product isvery little so try to make them aware about indirect trading in the form ofMutual with certain need base schemes with following objectives.

To compare growth fund scheme and balance fund scheme ofHDFC mutual fund and SBI mutual fund to know the investors perception aboutprivate mutual fund house (HDFC) and public sector mutual fund house (SBI) 3.2 Investor centric objectivesInvestors are very choosey now days because number ofoption is available in the market. But all the time schemes coming in market asfrequently as investors go on confusing and not in position to take betterdecision in this situation the role of financial adviser become paramount. Butin case of mutual fund this problem is automatically solve because mutual meanstwo one investor and another fund manager. Fund manager job to take care theinvested fund and investor can take sight of relief.

The investors have following objectivesRegular earningSafety of principalMeeting of financial goals3.3 Industrycentric objectivesMutual funds industry in India has grown up with veryhigh speed  and  since 1991 LPG policy open up just open up ineverywhere and  financial sector isaffected very much . Moreover the entry of private mutual funds (since late1993) has infuse huge amount  ofcompletions and  creative input to makethe industry  very rich and sense ofestablishing new milestone number of player jump into fray and the industry hasbeen seeing  radical  transformation from a public sector monopolyto open market industry. Therefore to find out the growth and development ofIndian mutual funds industry my study has the following objectives:To know about basic understanding of investorsTo know the category risk avertersTo know about risk lovers and first time investorsTo evaluate the investment performance of selected mutualfunds schemes in terms of risk and return.  3.

4 Use of Technology inMutual FundsNowwe are living in digital era so everything is part of digital era .So theIndian mutual fund. Recently NSC come up with proposal of EIPO that means nowyou can invest in any IPO without any physical intervention and also the same facilityis given to mutual funds .

Now every mutual fund house providing the access tobuy and sell the mutual fund and more about you can have power to redeem yourinvestment in mutual fund and on maturity you can take your payment on lineafter deducting exit load.As per prediction of some global agencies that India in2020 will be destinations of more than 900 million smart phones.Now rural India is going to grasp technology very fast sowith the help of technology mutual could also flourish in bib way.Financial services are so huge that can absorbed manyinvestor and they all be benefited equally.Mobile is not only way of communication man to man butcan be channel of transferring cash and credit along with financial product.

Additional connections of telecom are realty of the dayand people from all over world are coming to India to invest in technology aswell as in financial product like mutual fund.Now technology has change the face of world in big waynow common people are connected to main stream to avail advantages of growthand development.GPRS is boon for getting timely up adaptation about theschemes of financial products.     Payment bank The recently approved payment banks, with permission to sell third-party mutual fund products are expected to improve the reach E-mutual fund/E- IPO  Virtually a network is created to sell and by financial product it is realty for stocks soon It will be realty for mutual than mutual fund    


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