Challenges of the Grant Administration

During this period of grant administration, several challenges were encountered. For instance, Oakes Ames and Massachusetts who were known to be the representatives and top most stockholders in the union had an idea of forming a credit mobilier. This was a company which was initiated with main aims of completing the 600 miles of railway which was remaining.

During the process of conducting the work which was planned, both the stockholders and the national government were taken advantage of millions of dollars. Some plans of carrying out the investigations were initiated but Ames bribed the most influential people in the plan. Later in the year 1872, the deception action was exposed that Colfax who was the vice chairperson was the one who received some form of bribe.

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During the elections of 1868, Grant had a major challenge of lacking strong political assurance and people considered him as a person who loved money and luxury. Grant faced a great challenge from people as they regarded him as a drunkard and Negro-lover. During Grant administration, United States had a public debt. This debt was incurred as a result of pension payment and in the process of insurrection.

Another major scandal was the black Friday. During the year 1869, some two opportunists Jim Fisk and Jay Gould tried to embezzle the trading place of gold which was used. These two opportunists enrolled the assistance of Grants brother in law, who was volunteering to put all the needed effort from preventing the chairperson in ruining the plan. These schemers went to an extent of developing their plans by buying massive amounts of gold which resulted tom the price of the commodity hiking.

Their main aim was discovered that it was to enjoy huge amount of profits. It was later noted that Grant relative was contributing much in causing harm to the nation. As a result, Grant commanded for an urgent sale of the government gold of about $4.5 million. This was very positive as it resulted to prices going down. On the other hand, a large number of people started suffering from great financial losses. Fisk and Gould avoided these losses by declining to reimburse their commitment.

The whiskey ring was another challenge which was experienced during the grant administration. During the civil war, a lot of expenses were incurred which left the cost of fighting being very high. For the government to compensate the incurred loss it decided to increase liquor taxes. These taxes were made extremely high which many distillers could not afford to cater for. This led to many distillers conceiving an idea of bribing the top personnel in the treasury sector.

During the Grant administration, was a secret organization known as ku klux klan, which began as a social organization but later turned to fight against the reconstruction and also against the government leaders. This secretive organization operated between 1867 and 1871. During the time of Grant administration, the government had a great challenge of debts. Some of the debts were genuine while others were as a result of illegal activities like bribery which was practiced by officials in the treasury sector.


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