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Over the years, various types of cars have been developed. Manufacturing companies have designed and different types of cars to meet various consumer needs. However, there are three types of unique cars that have been marketed to meet specific consumer needs.

Economy cars

Characteristics: price and functionality Unique characteristic: Low price Example: Toyota corolla

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Sports cars

Characteristics: Price and functionality Unique characteristic: enhanced handling and speed Example: Porsche

Luxury cars

Characteristics: price and functionality Unique characteristics: Enhanced comfort and safety, status symbol. Example: Mercedes Benz S-Class

Unique Cars

There are numerous classes in which cars may be classified, however complete classification is hard to pin down as a car may fit into a range of classes, or not entirely meet the requirements of any class. Cars can be classified according to their size, performance, price, shape and mechanical specifications.

There are generally three unique types of cars common to modern consumers: economy, sports and luxury cars. The most common type of car common in the market is the economy car. The economy car is designed and marketed in such a manner that the consumer can acquire it at a price much lower than the average cost of a new car. Economy cars vary with respect to profitability, size, performance and production numbers. During early production, most cars produced were expensive and could only be afforded by rich. However, production companies realized that they could boost up their profits by manufacturing affordable cars for the general population. The Model T car produced by Ford in 1908 became the first economy car to be sold in the world. The first major characteristic of economy cars is that they have low prices.

Economy cars are also usually small and the features of the car usually depend on the year of manufacture. They usually have the compulsory safety features such as safety belts but they may lack convenience features such as GPS systems and air conditioning. An example of an economy car is the Japanese Toyota Corolla which has sold more units than any other car in the world. The second type of unique cars is the sports car. Sports cars are vehicles designed to have better performance and power than normal cars. Many sports cars are designed for two passengers, have two doors and have sleek bodies. Originally, sports cars had small bodies however contemporary sports cars vary in size with many manufacturers increasing their seating room in order to enhance practicality.

These types of cars are designed to do extremely well at maneuverability, acceleration, braking and top speed. The main distinguishing feature of sports cars is that the handling characteristics of these cars have been greatly improved. The driver is usually able to keep the car in control even under very difficult conditions. While a powerful engine is not a prerequisite, most sports cars do contain powerful engines. Sports cars are relatively expensive; much more expensive than economy cars and other typical cars common in the market. The Porsche Company is an example of a manufacturing company that has been linked with the production of unique sports cars designed to meet specific tastes and needs. As compared to other cars in the market, sports cars are intended to emulate sporting performance. The final type of unique cars common in the market is luxury or comfortable cars.

These cars are designed to boost ease and comfort. These cars usually are geared for luxury and contain features that aim to achieve this goal. Luxury cars usually contain innovative equipments, greater performance and features designed to convey prestige or brand image.

The principal characteristic of luxury cars is that they are designed for comfort far above typical cars. They usually contain features such as leather seats, custom dashboards, and anti-lock brakes. Modern luxury cars also offer better handling and performance but this is secondary to comfort and safety. Luxury cars are highly expensive and are usually targeted at wealthy buyers and collectors.

The style of construction and technological features of luxury cars are such that they convey high class. As compared to the other cars common in the market, luxury cars are intended for comfort and to convey prestige and status of the owner. Mercedes Benz is a company that has been linked with the production of luxury cars including the Mercedes Benz S-Class model. Cars have evolved over the years to become an essential part of human life. There have been many types of vehicles designed over the years however three types of vehicles stand out in the contemporary market. Economy, sports and luxury cars are vehicles designed for a particular group of consumers and vary in terms of price, functionality and embedded features. Consumer power, taste and preferences are essential elements in deciding the type of car one will buy and it is for these reasons that most manufacturers seek to design and produce these three types of vehicles.


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