Canada Act of 1982 kept the Charter

        Canada had many important events that define what Canada is today,but I chose specifically these 3 because I believe these events truly defined Canada to what it is today. The events I chose was the battle of Vimy Ridge, the Constitution act, and the Person’s case. These 3 events permanently marked our country and nothing has changed about the impact they made on Canada’s history.

Women are now in parliament, considered the turning point in WW1 with our victory, and finally  making us Canadians do what we want without Britain’s approval.              Vimy Ridge was a very important moment because it gave Canada a separate signature  on the Versailles Peace Treaty. It was the first time when all four Canadian divisions, made up of troops drawn from all parts of the country, fought together.

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The battle began on  April 9 1917. France engaged the Germans first, but was defeated and pushed back. The Germans had an advantage, with them being on top of the hill, while the allies needed to go up to the hill with very little cover. This was a very difficult battle for the allies to overcome.

British general Byng then  commanded Sir Arthur William Currie, who was the first Canadian-appointed commander of the Canadian Corps, to come take over the hill. There were 100,00 Canadian corps that have participated in this battle. The tatic Currie used was the “creeping barrage”, the creeping barrage was a strategy the easily let the allies progress further towards the ridge, because the constant barrage of shells kept the Germans in their bunkers letting the allies easily go up the hill.By noon most of the ridge was captured on April 9,1917, by using this tactic. The morning of the next day was when the allies fully captured the Ridge. The defeated Germans was forced to retreat 3 km east of the ridge. This victory gave a stronger sense of national identity for Canadians.

This is why the victory at Vimy Ridge was a very defining moment in Canadian history.  The Constitution Act of 1982, called the Canada act was a very defining moment in Canadian history. It’s an important moment because this act allowed Canada to be dependent from Britain,allowing  Canada to become a independent country.The Constitution Act of 1982 kept the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the Constitution,  helping to complete the effort of Canadian independence allowing Canadians to  modify their own Constitution without needing the approval from Britain.

But Canada wasn’t fully independent because of  BNA act, the laws in that act still affect Canada,meaning we still need to follow what that act says. Only London can alter the act. After London fixed the act ,allowing Canada to truly be an independent country. Canada is now a viable trading partner because Britain now has no influence on Canada’s decision on who to trade with. Allowing Canada to do all the trading they want  The persons case, was a defining moment for Canadian history.

This case established that Canadian women were eligible to be appointed senators.The case was launched by the Famous Five .In 1928, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that women were not “persons” according to the British North America Act and therefore weren’t able to assign the Senate. However, the Famous Five  appealed to the Privy Council of England, which in 1929 reversing the Court’s decision. The Persons Case opened the Senate to women, allowing  them to work for change in both the House of Commons and the Upper House.

Furthermore , the legal recognition of women as “persons” meant that women could no longer be denied their rights. This event was the most important event for the rights women were fighting for 100 years. Now both men and women can decide the fate of Canada instead of just having a man’s perspective.

     The 3 most defining moments in Canadian history are the Battle of Vimy Ridge, the constitution act of 1982, and finally the person’s case. These 3 events permanently marked our country and nothing has changed about the impact they made on Canada’s history. Women are now in parliament, considered the turning point in WW1 with our victory, and finally  making Canada an independent country completely.

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