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Caitlyn DeichselMrs. MarshallAnemometer12/15/17 All About Anemometers “Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get”  so said Mark Twain (Brainyquote 2017 ). When we get weather, scientists like to measure the data.

There are many tools to measure weather, some of the main ones are rain gauge, wind turbine, anemometer, thermometer, and a wind vane. The Anemometer has been used over many centuries, and it is still a very helpful tool today. Anemometers are weather instruments that measure wind speed, and they come from a long generation of time.

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The first anemometer was made in early 1450’s. Furthermore, anemometers have a very important use which is to measure wind speed or else we would be wearing a tank top on a very windy day. The speed is measured in many different ways but the two main ways are kilometers and miles. There are many different kinds of anemometers that are used at different areas, such as the Robinson’s anemometer. There are two main anemometers used today the ultrasonic version and mechanical ones. Both the ultrasonic and the mechanical one can measure wind pressure.

( wikipedia)            Date/timeWind speed in MPMWeather Observations11/27/17 2:07 pm6 miles per minuteWarm, little wind11/28/17 12:02 pm2 miles per minuteHot, hardly any wind12/1/17  9:29 am17 miles per minuteWindy, Warm12/4/17  5:54pm21 miles per minuteVery Windy, Cold Correspondingly, there are many different anemometers, but they all measure data the same. Many people have made many different kinds of anemometers but the first one to bemade was by Leon Battista Alberti. Over one hundred and eighty five states out of one hundred ninety five states.

The Robinson Anemometer was created in 1846. Anemometers can help meteorologist track wind data, which is very important or else we wouldn’t know if there was a tornado or a really bad storm( sum up,  Anemometers are very helpful when it comes to windy days and meteorologist measuring wind speed.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Works Cited”Anemometer.

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