Brokerage firms in Saudi

Jadwa Investment

The financial market of Saudi Arabia is characterized by countless brokerage firms, which significantly influence a wide range of activities in the market. The firms have been noted for their continued contribution in redefining the financial market and in promoting economic development. Importantly, these firms register varying performance trends due to government regulations and inflation among other factors. One of these firms is the Jadwa Investment.

Jadwa Investment was incorporated close to six years ago, on August 21, 2006, after being given five operating licenses by the Kingdom’s Capital Market Authority. Under these licenses, Jadwa Investment complies with Shariah requirements as a banking investment.

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In order to achieve its objectives, the company offers individual and corporate investment services to its customers. Importantly, Jadwa Investment has attained reputable performance levels in the country’s financial market, having been applauded in asset management, brokerage, mergers and acquisitions and in financial advisory.

To thrive in the market, compliance to Shariah standards is inevitable as supervision is carried out by the Shariah Supervisory Board (Jadwa Investment 1). Aside from Shariah-compliance, the company has remained focused on customer satisfaction through development of innovative ideas and services to address existing and emerging needs. This allows promotion of value for its customers through a wide range of simple and complex financial transactions.

Additionally, Jadwa Investment Company creates employment opportunities for many young professionals in Saudi Arabia, thus contributing to the development of the country’s economy. As a way of tapping from local talents, the company trains fresh graduates and makes use of locally available expertise in advancing its goals in the investment world.

Jadwa Investment is driven by its vision, mission and values, which have remained key in shaping its future. The company’s vision is inclined towards becoming a world-class banking company that is guided by Islamic values.

Additionally, it aims at providing customized and standard solutions to major organizations and individuals in need. On the other hand, its mission is designed to allow the company to become a pacesetter in Islamic banking by use of qualified expertise, with a common goal of delivering outstanding services to customers.

Lastly, the company’s values are highly inspired by Shariah principles that govern financial banking. These values are further drawn from the company’s heritage, professional management and emerging technology in the market. This ensures that service delivery attains world-class standards (Jadwa Investment 1).

As mentioned before, Jadwa Investment is one of the leading brokerage firms in the country’s financial market. The company registered a 14% revenue increment in 2011, which surpassed SR270m (Mesbah 1). Moreover, its net income rose above SR130m, translating into 18% as compared to 2010 performance.

According to the company’s chairman, Prince Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz the financial market has remained unstable since the company was incorporated in 2006. Although a higher performance was expected, he noted that certain socio-political factors had become an impediment to the anticipated performance.

These include the Arab Spring and the Euro Crisis. The two factors have significantly affected major financial institutions across the globe. Nevertheless, the company’s strategies were vital in maintaining its positive and attractive profits since 2006. During the last five years, the company has seen shareholders’ equity rise to SR1.3 billion, motivating the Board to increase dividends paid per share by 15% (Mesbah 1).

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