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Louis Sachar was born March 20, 1954 in New York. He is an American writer of kids ‘s books. He has written 24 books. Louis Sachar is best known for the “ Sideways Stories From Wayside School ” book series and the fresh “ Holes ” .

For the fresh “ Holes ” Sachar won a “ National Book Award ” and the “ Newbery Medal ” . “ Holes ” sold in fie 1000000s transcripts, and it became a film in 2003.

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The book is about a male child named Stanley Yelnats IV, who is purportedly a really luckless individual because of a household expletive. He was sent to Camp Green Lake, after being falsely accused of stealing a brace of gym shoes that belonged to a celebrated baseball participant, Clyde Livingstone, from a charity auction to profit the homeless.At cantonment Green Lake, Stanley was assigned a bed and given two brace of apparels and a shovel. Stanley and the other male childs who stayed there had to delve one hole each twenty-four hours which was supposed to “ construct character ” . He subsequently found out that the Warden was doing them dig holes in order to happen a hoarded wealth.One twenty-four hours Stanley agreed to learn his new friend Zero how to read and compose and in exchange Zero would delve Stanley ‘s hole for one hr everyday.

The other male childs got covetous of watching Stanley do nil, and a battle broke out between the other male childs and Stanley. Zero got angry and so ran off into the desert. Stanley decided to travel after him the following twenty-four hours. After running deep into the desert he eventually found Zero.

They decided to mount to the mountaintop called “ Gods pollex ” in hopes of happening safety. Stanley found a field of onions and H2O. For many yearss they survived on the onions and H2O. They planned to happen the hoarded wealth that was hidden at the cantonment and so decided to do their manner back. They returned to the cantonment to delve out the hoarded wealth. What they did non cognize was that they dig in a yellow-spotted-lizard-nest, and before seeking to go forth they were surrounded by the lizards.


The narrative takes topographic point at a juvenile detainment installation called Camp Green Lake. The cantonment is located in a waste and desolate desert.

There are merely some rundown edifices and some collapsible shelters. There is besides no works life except for two trees. Besides, the lake is wholly dry, and in daylight the Sun is firing hot.

The fact that there is no H2O in the desert plays a function in the narrative because it makes it hard for the male childs to get away from the cantonment. One hundred and ten old ages ago Camp Green Lake was the largest lake in Texas. The lake was full of clear bluish H2O, and it was lined with Prunus persica trees.We do non acquire to cognize the exact clip and twelvemonth that the narrative takes topographic point in, but I think the narrative takes topographic point around thirty old ages ago, in 1981. This is because they used cellular telephones and autos and besides, the book was released in 1998. The narrative takes topographic point in the months May and June, because on the 8th of June it was Zero ‘s birthday and so Stanley had been at cantonment for 56 yearss.

The book is a mix of phantasy and realistic fiction. This is because a batch of the events in the book could besides go on in world, and for many people some of the state of affairss in the book could be for existent. The book is besides fantasy because his household is cursed with bad fortune.The narrative is told by the storyteller in 3rd individual point of position.

Stanley Yelnats:

Stanley is the supporter of the book.

He is fifteen-years old, he does n’t hold friends and he is overweighed. He has changeless bad fortune that was brought to his household by his great-great-grandfather. While he is at Camp Green Lake he loses weight and develops physical strength.

The other male childs gave him the moniker “ Caveman ” . At first Stanley merely looks at the negative sides of himself, but when he becomes friends with Zero, the least popular male child, he finds strength. His friendly relationship with Zero helps Stanley to detect his ain bravery, felicity and assurance. By the clip he is released, Stanley gets a new positive sense of himself.


Zero is an African American male child. He is fifteen-years old. He is illiterate, but Stanley teaches him how to read and compose. He had a female parent but he does n’t cognize what go on to her, and the remainder of his life he had been homeless.

He is intelligent and really good at math. Zero was sent to Camp Green Lake after stealing a brace of gym shoes. He tells that he used to steal, but he merely stole what he needed.


Friendship is an of import subject in the book. When Stanley comes to Camp Green Lake he is insecure and do n’t hold self-confidante. After he becomes friends with the other male childs he becomes more self-confidante.

It ‘s of import to hold good friends and person to speak with. Besides when Stanley carries Zero in the desert, because nothing was excessively weak it ‘s a symbol of friendly relationship.The subject is how fate and history impact mundane life.

We can state that “ fate ‘s places ” landed on Stanley, because his life became much better after remaining at Camp Green Lake. The expletive is broken, or possibly ne’er had been at that place. Stanley was eventually at the right topographic point at the right clip.

My sentiment:

I liked the book because it was exciting. In the beginning of the book it was sort of drilling, but at the same clip I wanted to go on reading. This was because they merely dug holes and that was sort of drilling, but I wanted to cognize why they dug all those holes and that ‘s what made it exciting.


I recommend this book for misss and male childs between 12 and 16 old ages. Both misss and male childs who like to read an exciting, and enigma book could read “ Holes ” .


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