Bio Lab report Sample calculation for the 0.5%

Bio Lab report












Sample calculation for the
0.5% hydrogen peroxide concentration with copper sulfate:

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((37/2.75)/38) = 0.354





CuSO4 is a non-competitive inhibitor
because the uncompetitive inhibitor locks the substrate in the enzyme which
prevents the enzyme from catalyzing the substrate and that would cause a decrease
in the amount of free enzyme which is why the Vmax decreases as shown by the
graph. The Km is unchanged because the substrate can still bind to the active
site of the enzyme and also because the fixed amount of inactive enzyme in
non-competitive inhibition does not affect the Km.







Effects on results and how

Improvements described

Shaking the flash

While shaking the flash the
rate of mixing is not constant and so some trials might have been mixed more
than others and this could alter the results as the rate of mixing also
affects the rate of reaction.

Not shaking or using an electric


Due to the fact that
different groups performed the experiment at different locations in the
classroom, for example our group performed the experiment near a window and
this could have resulted in a slightly different temperature which could effect
the results, as temperature effects the rate of reaction

Performing the experiment
in a controlled environment where the temperature is the same everywhere such
as one side of the classroom.

water residue

Between trials we used
non-distilled water to wash the flask and this could have altered the
concentration of the solution and added some minerals to the hydrogen

Using clean flasks after
every trial.




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