Not because of her race, culture, and

Not only is there much pressure to conform to mainstream society in order to be acce[ted and belong, but there is often pain associated with not belonging, Individuals who choose to remain true to themselves may find the relationshop between individuality and conformaty difficult. We are constantly “constructing, demolishing and redrawing boundaries in order to create new places of belonging”. Belonging to a group of people, opposed to ones Self Belonging are two different concepts. One defines conforming to a group of people, often for sanctuary, personal gain or to boost ones self esteem.

The other is being able to accept yourself for who you are and your own sense of individuality. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible depicts both of these forms of belonging in serveral circumstances and characters. Miller use’s The Crucible the show that humans often prey on those considered outsiders, especially when the accuser is motivated by greed or fear. In the play there are several circumstances and quotes that relate to the theme of being an outsider or not belonging. Circumstance 1, The three girls in the play accused of withcraft are outcasts.

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Tituba because of her race, culture, and impoverishment.Sarah Good because of her strange mumblings and ways and Sarah Osbourne because of her strange personality and her disregard of Puritan customs. Mary Warren, one of the accusers, is an outsider. She is a servant to the Proctors and lacks family members who can support her.

Her situation makes it impossible for her to fit in with the other girls; thus, the girls turn on her as she tries to tell the truth about them not only because she is endangering them but also because she is easy prey. In the end, Mary finds it easier and safer to belong to the girls’ group than to stand apart from them.This is a representation of belonging to a group due to fear. John Proctor does not truly belong to the Salem community. He chooses not to attend church regularly; he speaks openly against what he views as wrongdoing, and he does not pander to the Putnams as many others do. His behavior and refusal to compromise simply to belong make him an easy target for the girls and judges to accuse of witchcraft.

Throughout the play ‘the crucible’, Miller portrays John Proctor in many different ways and emotions, such as hard-working, proud and noble. He is one of the main characters if not the main and has a strong, deceiving personality.


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