Behaviors That Build Trust and Behaviors That Hurt Trust

The vast majority of relations which are developed between people are based on trust and abilities to comprehend the needs of other people. To create strong and professional relations, it is very important to remember that trust is a reciprocal notion: a person has to give it in order to get it (Reina 11). If a person is not able to gain trust in a certain group of people, it could be hard for him/her to continue developing communication in future.

This is why it is necessary to remember about those behaviors that may build trust properly as well as to consider those behaviors that may hurt trust and destroy reputation. There are many communication strategies and game plans with the help of which it is possible to use the idea of trust in everyday life, however, it is not always easy to choose the most effective and the most interesting method and meet the goals set.

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In this paper, different types of behavior will be evaluated to understand how it is possible build trust with the help of respect, straight talks, and clarification of goals, have appropriate grounds to develop relations, and prove that personal achievements may be improved with the help of properly organized game plan.

To build trust and introduce good relations on an appropriate level, it is very important to understand that any relationship has two types of trust accounts: “the way you perceive the amount of trust in a relationship and the way the other person perceives it may be different” (Covey and Merrill 132).

This is why one of the behaviors that has to be considered is respect to each other. Only in case people respect each other opinion, idea, and suggestion, they may build trust. For example, in the company, there is a leader who considers his position as the only right one in the team.

He does not find it necessary to evaluate other suggestions, respect the opinions of other members of a team and organize straight talks. Though there is a certain order in such relations and clearly defined goals, there is no trust because there is no respect to each other. A leader is not aware of the way of how his team perceives relations. This is why there is no chance to built trustful relations in such team.

Taking into consideration this example, it is possible to define behaviors that hurt trust and decrease the productivity’s levels. Brief and unclear talks, inabilities to spend much time, rare communications with each other, and hidden goals which are achieved by each member of a team separately are the main reasons of why trust may be hurt. People have to realize that there is some connection that is common for all of them, and trustful relations cannot be developed in case at least one person does not seek to trust the others.

The game plan that is more preferable for those who want to safe trust in relation is to memorize the main aspects, the algorithms of relations, and the components. “Every interaction with every person is a moment of trust. The way you behave in that moment will either build or diminish trust” (Covey and Merrill 135).

This is why if a person wants to have strong and trustful relations, it is necessary to start trusting other people and to make them trust you. Only if this plan is kept in mind, there are the chances to demonstrate how mature and sincere your intentions are.

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