Battery housing development. During the process of reclamation

Battery Park City is an agency that is
located in the southern part of Manhattan in New York City. The authority of
the agency decided to reclaim the 37-hectare piece of land where river Hudson passed
previously. The agency is responsible for putting up a community that is
planned with residential areas and development of parks and open air spaces in
the region (Doud, 2011). Two thirds of the area in which the planned community
stands, is occupied by parks. To have the ability to run the agency’s affairs
the authority comes up with an annually budgets. The budget plan for the year 2016
and 2017 was estimated to be $213,531,739. This budget is an estimate of the
year’s expected revenues, its assets and its expenses.

            In the 19th
and 20th century, the legislature of the New York State identified a
site south of the Manhattan Island for housing development. During the process
of reclamation workers and constructors stopped the construction after the
realization of docks that were sunken, bulkheads that were old and ships that
were also sunken. In the year 1960, a private organization decided to refill
the land. However, Nelson Rockefeller the governor expressed his desire to
develop the area again as a distinct project. After a period of time the
legislation of New York granted the governor permission to reestablish the area
separately and in 1968 the Battery Park City and its administration was
founded. The mission of the agency was to grow the lower side of the island of
Manhattan and encourage people to reside there by introducing residential area,
parks and open areas. Over the years of development, the agency’s mission has
changed to be designing, constructing, harmonizing and maintaining an unrestricted
area for domestic, park areas, profit-making and retail buildings
(“Battery Park City,2014).

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            The Battery Park city
agency is headed by a board of directors who are responsible for the running of
the daily activities of the agency. The top management of the agency is
comprised of Andrew M. Cuomo is the governor of the agency and Dennis Mehiel is
the chairman and the chief executive officer if the agency. The political
leadership of the agency is greatly coordinated to ensure that all the segments
in the agency are working in harmony to ensure that the goals and objectives if
the agency are met timely. The governor and the chairman of the agency are
mandated with the responsibility of appointing leaders to head other sections
of the agency for instance, the finance department, the human resources and the
IT departments (Reporter: A Publication of the Hugh L. Carey Battery Park
City Authority ,2000). The civil service leadership of Battery Park city is
responsible for offering the residents of the area with the necessary public
amenities and services and this is achieved because it works with other leaders
of other departments in the agency.

            The agency attracted
many people and institutions that offered to work with it in bid to improve the
lives of the people living in it and also in bid to conserve energy by going
green. The agency attracted the attention of a government official called Nick who
has been a political analyst on safety. Nick since become a stakeholder and
helping the agency to come up with a program aimed at modernizing Battery Park
city. The authority of the city has also attracted the attention of the University
of Canada due to its willingness to go green in its activities. The initiative
of introducing green energy to be used in the park has been greatly supported
by the administration of the university and as a result the institution is
willing to work with Battery Park administration agency to achieve this establishment.
In that case Nick among other individual stakeholders and the University of
Canada are of great importance to achieving the goals of the agency ((Growing
a Green Community: The Battery Park City Story, 2008).

            The agency has over the
years grown to be successful however there are challenges and difficulties that
it has to face.  The park has attracted a
huge number of people willing to be residents and investors therefore the
website created cannot handle the flow of applications thus the employees are highly
overstretched and overloaded with applications thus the management of applications
becomes a challenge (“Battery Park City,2014).Other challenges facing the
agency is the likelihood of terror attacks such as experienced in September 11,
2001 and the unpredictable climate changes that at some point resulted to a
sand storm in the area. These challenges are unpredictable and are beyond the
control of the leadership or management of the agency.

            Other challenges facing
the agency are generated by the residents of the park. The park has been
established in an area that once harbored a river that had docks for ships thus
many economic activities were carried out in the area. The activities that prior
took place at the river formed a basis of historical site and this is in
addition to the river as a natural resource. The events that took place so that
the river would come to an end also are a good source of historical
information.  Due to these historic occurrences,
some residents feel that it would be important to set up a seaport that is
historic which would strain the budget of the agency. Another individualized
challenge facing the agency is that some shareholders and residents of the park
feel that the board of Administration needs to be change and replaced with new
members (Smithsimon, 2011). These challenges are political as they are as a
result of difficulties in the coordination and relationship of the interest
groups in the agency.

            The Battery Park city agency and authority has been a
success story in the line of development in the urban sector. The agency has been
very fruitful and has attained its main goal of transforming the abandoned land
to fit human existence. This can be attested to by the many applications made
to the agency by residents, government institutions and the investors. The
agency is effective and efficient in its provision of services as it has
developed a database that will be used to directly respond to its applicants
via their emails. The rate of responsiveness of the authority of the agency is
satisfactory to the members and their customers. The good working environment
between the political leadership and the civil service leadership of the agency
provides a smooth flow of activities in the agency this being an indication and
reflection of its accountability to the stakeholders, the leadership and the
officials (Doud, 2011).

            The fact that there is a great number of persons
interested of being part of the battery park city family shows that the
customers and potential customers view the activities of the agency are
legitimate. The employees of the city agency are responsible for dealing with
the many applications by their customers this is therefore a reflection that
the workforce in the agency is competent and works professionally. The board of
directors of the agency should be ready to face the challenges in the agency
and be ready to deal with them head on (Smithsimon, 2011). The board of
directors should also adopt a policy of engaging the residents in its decision
making process through public participation to ensure that the likes and
preferences of the customers are easily addressed.




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