People there are certain risks while using IUD

People in the 21st century face a lot of queries regarding unsafe sex, unwanted pregnancy increasing sexual diseases. Teens of today do not think about the problems which they would face after having unsafe sex. They do not have complete knowledge of the hazards that follow them in future.

To bring these precarious activities under control Contraceptives (birth control) were introduced. The main aim to bring the contraceptives in the market was to eradicate the problems of Sexually transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).Birth control or contraceptives were used by the women to avoid unwanted pregnancy by using certain methods.

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Contraception is of many types but the motto behind it remains the same i.e. to avoid unwanted pregnancy and to prevent the STD’s. In general terms contraception is a method which stops the egg of a women from being fused by a male egg. Thus the fertilization can be prevented and no pregnancy takes place.Before the introduction of the birth control pills, women ate or drank certain substances which could prevent pregnancy or induce a miscarriage. Generally, they consumed the seeds of herbs and other products made up of plants and herbs which served them as oral contraceptives.

But these things were dangerous. Therefore to prevent this intrauterine device (IUD) was introduced. This was done by some ancient people who inserted small pieces of stone into the camels’ uterus to prevent pregnancy. The intrauterine device (IUD) is a small device which is inserted into the women’s uterus to prevent them from being pregnant.It is generally made up of plastic. IUD can restrict the pregnancy in many ways.

By using IUD the movements of the female and the male egg is stopped and it also prevents the egg to fuse with the male egg. IUD must be used only when recommended by doctor. But there are certain risks while using IUD because it does not give complete protection against STD’s and it may even cause heavier and longer menstruation periods for women.Generally women have a wide option wile choosing their birth control methods.

There are many factors on the basis of which one can choose the birth control appropriate for them. These factors include convenience, safety, and surety. Some of the women are afraid before using the birth controls because of the side effects like irregular periods and an extra weight gain. There are many types of birth control which works in different ways to prevent pregnancy some birth control prevents the fusion of sperm with egg, some changes the monthly periods of women. One of the important birth control methods is: – barrier methods.

Barrier methods block the fusion of sperm with an egg. This method is used during every sexual intercourse. Some people find this method easy to use while some people find it inconvenient. Barrier methods include male and female condom, diaphragm, cervical caps and spermicides.Generally a male condom is a covering made up of latex, which fits over the penis.

The main aim of the male condom is to stop the movements of sperms into women’s uterus. These condoms are easy to use and have no side effects. It gives protection against STD’s and it prevents the users from getting infected by the HIV which is responsible for spreading AIDS i.e. acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome. Like the male condoms there are female condoms also available in the market.

The female condoms are elongated and sac shaped. The closed end of the sack is inserted into the vagina so that the opening of the uterus is covered. This prevents the entry of sperm into the uterus.Another important barrier method is diaphragm which is a shallow cup like structure, made up of rubber with a flexible rim.

The diaphragm is inserted into the vagina to cover the cervix and thus preventing the sperm from entering into the vagina. It is used with spermicides. The spermicides kill any sperms that pass by the diaphragm. The spermicides are generally jellies, creams, and a tablet that prevent the entry of sperm to the cervix and also contains sperm killing chemicals. Spermicides may cause allergic reactions to vagina or the penis.After a certain period of time the scientists introduced the hormonal contraceptives.

These contraceptives provided the female with sex hormones which brought changes in the monthly periods. Hormonal contraceptives stop the formation of egg and do not allow the egg to get matured. It is taken only when prescribed by a doctor. They can be taken in the forms of pills, injections etc. But I feel using any kind of birth control may harm the body in some or the other way. It disturbs the normal health and the balance of the body.Some women use the method called basal body temperature measurement.

In this method the woman measures the temperature of her body each time in the morning before getting off the bed. It has been observed that there is one degree rise in temperature on the day ovulation is taking place and this temperature remains the same for many days. But this method sometimes proves incorrect as the body temperature may rise due to many reasons like ill health, lack of sleep etc.These days the people have plenty of birth control options but I feel that the problem of unwanted pregnancy and over population still remains unchanged. I think that the government should promote the idea of family planning otherwise the day is not far when the world would face crisis due to over crowding of people.

Having more than one kid may also lead to bad health and food crisis etc. According to me the teenage pregnancy is due to the lack of proper sex education in institutions like school’s colleges etc. Many times these undesired pregnancy may also happen due to lack of proper contraceptives or birth control method.


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