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Bacteria are tiny living things that live almost everywhere. Bacteria are too small to be seen without a microscope, and each individual bacteria is made up of only one cell. There are thousands of kinds of bacteria. Scientists can divide them into groups according to shape. They may be rounded, rod shaped or spherical shape. Some bacteria look like bent rods and be found alone or in pairs. Bacteria is found in air, water, upper layers of soil and are found on just about every object on earth. Bacteria can survive in places that other forms of life can’t. Bacteria can living in water so hot that it would kill other living things. Bacteria have may different ways of life, some make their own food using energy from sunlight, and some bacteria lived by eating other organisms. Bacteria can feed on certain things that would poison and possible kill a human. Most bacteria do not hurt humans, but they live all over the body, a human body has over a billion bacteria particles on it. Antony van leeuwenhoek is the founder of bacteria. He was born in Delft, holland on October 24, 1632. Anton was an unlikely scientist, he came from a family of tradesmen and had no fortune. He never went to college or had any higher education than high school. Leeuwenhoek succeeded in making some of the most important discoveries in history of biology. It was he who discovered the free living bacteria. He made over 500 microscopes, many of which we use today. Antony also wrote several books about biology and bacteria. There are three types of bacteria cocci, bacilli, and spirilli. The coccus bacteria is spherical or oval shape. cocci are streptococcus, which cause strep throat and scarlet fever. A coccus organism is capable of ling on its on, but it may also live in a formation with other cocci bacteria. Two joined cocci bacteria are called diplococci, but four joined cocci bacteria are called a tetrad. Many cocci bacteria are gram-positive. Bacillus bacteria are a group of rod shaped, gram positive


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