BACKGROUND present with the future. Human beings need

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYLanguage is central to or pervasive in the realm ofhuman. Language forms the basis of whatever social cohesion we can attain,determine our worldview. Language intimately links the past with the presentand the present with the future.

Human beings need language to grasp thingsintellectually and to get others to do so, to a large extent, language defineshumanity.The MTB-MLE or the Mother TongueBased – Multilingual Education is the usage of language that the child hadlearned first, or the language of the locals in the province /city where thechild was born or is studying. One of the changes in Basic Education Curriculum  brought about by the  new  K-12 program is the  introduction of MotherTongue- Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) specifically in Kindergarten,Grades 1, 2 and 3. It is meant to address the high functional illiteracy ofFilipinos where language plays a significant factor.

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Since the child’s ownlanguage enables her/ him to express him/herself easily, then, there is no fearof making mistakes (Capitol University 2007). The mother tongue instruction isvery important not only to develop a strong educational foundation, but also tostrengthen the cognitive development of learners (J.D Ricablanca, 2014).According to June Jordan (2009), “You will never teach a child a new languageby scoring, ridiculing and forcibly erasing his first language.” Children whoread and write in the mother tongue before learning another language not onlyare more successful second language learners but also excel more quickly thantheir peers who did not  become literatein their first language (UNESCO, 2003).               Science and Mathematics are subjectsthat are hard to understand and are the major keys to the child’s education inthe near future.

Knowing that these subjects are difficult, teachers tend touse foreign language in teaching these subjects that makes understanding thesubject matter even harder. The research would benefit the students becausethey would be taught mathematics and science through their mother tonguelanguage (Cebuano for this case) where they can understand more and expressmore their thoughts or the new concepts they have learned. Series of lessonsand tests will be given in english and cebuano, then data will be gathered and willbe analayzed. Comparison of the results and data will occur, and then will befollowed up by the conclusion of which language the students performs the best.


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