Executive need to integrate new technologies comes with

Executive summary

Avon library is a technology driven business project that offers library services to the Avon community. However, it relies on old technology and the need to integrate new technologies comes with a host of benefits. Among them is real time information access and retrieval, access to various collections that can be accessed freely, a flexible system that can be used by different people of different age groups, and provides the important link between the community and the global community.

To achieve that, the business plan outlines a number of objectives to achieve among them being to facilitate thinking and integration of the community to meet the standards of evolving communications technology. These are achieved through the company’s current workforces who are bound to increase with the increasing needs and expanded services. Various action plans have been outlined on achieving all these. Through the provision of these services, Avon intends to create a wide market for selling a wide variety of software products, data services, and other data processing services. This will be done under the leadership of well qualified personnel.

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One of the objectives of this business plan is to provide library development technology guidelines for the Avon community for the next five years. Another objective is to facilitate thinking in the line of technological needs of the Avon community, provide a budget driven framework planning for the next five years, and provide a basis for the integration of technology and the expansion of services provision for the community in addition to meeting the set standards for discount offers in telecommunications.

Mission statement

The Avon library will become a state of the art information hub for the community and be a model project that can be modeled elsewhere. The library will exploit modern internet library technologies for efficient and real time access to services. To achieve this, the library intends to provide the following service: A variety of collections and free and flexible access to these collections. Well informed and skilled staff Different library services which target a people of all ages Technology that serves as a link between individuals and the global community.

Summary about the company’s current technology

The company has networked 45 desktop computers and a laptop which constitutes 25 public workstation and 20 staff workstations spread within the community.

The purpose of the 20 staff workstations is to provide services for placing queries online and other information related to library services. A T-1 line provides telecommunication connections for all members who subscribe to these library services. On the other hand, the library has its own website besides the intranet services it offers the residents of Avon. A log management system provides services for mapping events that happen within the community and access to the library system. In addition to all these, telephone services are provided by the mid- interstate telecommunications company.

Strategic plan for expansion

In the course of construction and expansion, various issues need to be addressed in the process. These issues include: Data transfer cable and network design and construction and an upgrade of the existing network cables. Deployment of wireless communication services in addition to wireless communication and telecommunication facilities.

A well designed building that incorporates a security mechanism for tracking check -in and check-out activities. Upgrade of all wireless access points in addition to incorporation of new devices. Provision of print and photocopy services for public access and use. Provision of sufficient number of resources such as printers for an expanded library. A higher wage bill to be incorporated in the budget for newly expanded services. More check-out computers need to be incorporated. A library event registration system needs to be incorporated.

The technology plan incorporates areas that could be influenced through the integration of technology into the library system. Such integration could see the system meet various goals identified and discussed below. Services to the public The goal is to reach a wider community in the usage of technology for accessing library services. The action plan includes taking the following steps: Establishing a framework for upgrading public computers and printers in an on-going basis An aggressive plan of upgrading the number of computers that can be accessed by the public. Install a check-in and check –out system for minors Investigate, evaluate, and install new and systems for network access. Install new presentation technologies to improve Get actively involved in IT meetings within the town Hire computer literate human resource persons Sponsor staff to various technology conferences that may be sponsored by various IT firms and Government agencies. Ensure participants have attended various IT workshops and viewed different IT vendor wares. Ensure at least each staff has attended an IT workshop at least once a year to keep abreast with the dynamic changes in the IT field Ensure staff are continuously updated and well trained in the use of relevant system applications and that they remain updated on new changes that come with those systems.

Services offered through the network

The goal is to maintain appropriate network infrastructure that provides real time services and to ensure the network provides prompt network connections once an individual has logged into the system. To achieve these, the following serves as the action plan for the business setting. Ensure appropriate budgetary allocations for technical support from different technology vendors Ensure a close cooperation with network consortiums to provide timely system and technology upgrades to keep with current changes in technologies. Provide an appropriate budget for hardware and software maintenance including telecommunication equipments and other software and hardware upgrades.

Ensure system security software is updated frequently to provide up to date protection of the system hardware and software applications and user‘s files. Conduct a continuous assessment of technology needs in view of the mission statement and objectives of the business. Ensure telecommunication equipments remain upgraded and standardized and are compatible with different telecommunication technology upgrades. Evaluate the need for part time employees and hire them when necessary.

Provision of wireless services

The goal of the provision of wireless services is to ensure the library integrates and enjoys the use of a wireless service to meet the digital communication needs for the community. To that end, the action plan entails the following. Ensure wireless devices are installed and those currently installed to and upgraded to meet the standard communication protocols, enabling these devices to be cross platform. Ensure and maintain active wireless access and communications Provide an incremental growth for wireless services to meet the needs of the library users.

Telecommunication services

The goal of these telecommunication services is to ensure real time communication services and improved data and information transfer rates. An evaluation of the status of the current telecommunication system reveals that only three phone lines currently operational provide library access services. Action plan consists of the following. Engaging telecommunications vendors in providing new and up to date equipments. These vendors also ensure regular servicing and maintain ace services for their equipments Ensure a two ways wireless phone is installed for use with the staff.

Developing the website and maintaining it

The goal is to ensure the developed website is user friendly, accepts regular postings, is interactive, and provides real time access to dynamically changing information. The action plan will consist of the following.

Continuous maintenance of the website Continuous update of the web contents Ensure staff is well trained on the usage of the website.

Market Analysis

Market segmentation

The Avon business plan targets all people of all ages. It also targets other market segments. In addition to that, once people have perceived value in the service offered by Avon, the management will target the market for data processing service, software sales, installations, and maintenance with their well trained personnel. Finally, the company will target the provision of financial services in the e-commerce industry. However, the strengths and weaknesses of Avon will have to be evaluated to identify areas that require improvements. A thorough investigation and evaluation revealed that Avon’s weaknesses include poorly trained personnel, devices that are not portable or cross platform, and lack of wireless devices and limited telecommunication lines. However the strengths about Avon include customizable software without limited capabilities, and a system that can seamlessly interface with different software.

In addition to that, the management is well trained and skilled on marketing management and other business practices.


The management consists of qualified IT staff and well trained marketing and business executives. The CEO has an expertise of 25 years in the field of marketing. He has successfully implemented various IT projects at different companies with desirable results. The system development and implementation executive has well cultivated knowledge in different business environments.

On the other hand, the finance manager has an MBA from one of the most prestigious universities and has won several awards for his excellent performance in steering companies from near financial collapse to financial success. The management staff is ready to work Avon to success.


Avon will earn its revenue from software installation services, computer hardware and software maintenance, training of other personnel from other companies, and data services. Library service will be used as a value addition service. Base on this revenue model, an extrapolation of capital expenses is illustrated below. This is in addition to other expenses that may be incurred including operating costs.

Computers Electronic equipments Telecommunications equipments$100,000Office suite and other equipments$ 20,000Utilities$5000Floor space$50,000Salary payments$750,000Total costs$ 925,000


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