Authentication a legitimate user or not. 2.2 How




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Table of
Abstract. 1
1.0 Introduction. 1
2.0 How the systems work. 1
2.1 How password
authentication systems work. 1
2.2 How biometric
authentication systems work. 2

1.0 Introduction

Today, the level of


2.0 How the systems work

The purpose of both password and biometric authentication
systems is the determination of whether someone is in fact who is declared to
be and as a result allow physical or logical access to that person. To achieve
their goal, the systems use different authentication methods.


2.1 How password authentication systems work

The way password authentication systems work is by comparing
a given username or ID and a password with the corresponding credentials inside
a database that holds all authorized users and their password. With that authentication
method, password authentication systems always have 100% chance of knowing whether
someone is a legitimate user or not.



2.2 How fingerprint authentication systems work

The very first time a user registers into a server by fingerprint
authentication system, a procedure called enrolment takes place, which translates
illuminated images of the fingerprint into digital code. After the enrolment is
complete, if the user wants to get logical or physical access to the server, must
scan their fingerprint again, then the verification procedure happens, which uses
a capacitive scanner that measures their finger electrically. When the finger
rests on a surface, the ridges in the fingerprint touch the surface while the
hollows between the ridges stand slightly clear of it. A capacitive scanner
builds up a picture of the fingerprint by measuring these distances and then translates
that picture into a digital code which is finally compared with the previously stored





3.0 Security
methods used by the authentication systems for protecting its data


3.1 Security methods used by password authentication systems




3.2 Security methods used by fingerprint authentication system






































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