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Auschwitz II/Birkenau concentration camps       During WWII in Germany Hitler was ruling and he started a law that all jews,Gypsies,and Poles had to be sent to concentration camps and a lot of terrible stuff happened in these concentration camps. A lot of people were seperated from there families and never saw them again. They seperated blond hair blue eyed jews from the rest of them. They did not just separate them by their looks though they had a lot of other criteria. The blond hair blue eyed jews were sent to the right to go work for the Nazis. and the other people were sent to the left which was where the gas chambers and the crematoriums were. and at these places the nazis brutally murdered them. For the people that were sent to the right, living conditions were terrible. They slept in lofts in there cabins.One loft was meant for three people but four or five people often slept in one. A lot of them froze to death in the winter because the only heating they had came from a little coal oven in the corner. They could only relieve themselves in outdoor latrines that had no privacy whatsoever. The only times they got to go to the latrines or showers they had to walk there naked no matter what the weather conditions were. At auschwitz II or Birkenau they had role call every morning at the role call they had to stand in the heat or the cold for hours till the guards got to them. And some of these people that were sick or weak were sent to factories and fields to be overworked and often die. That is just the people who were sent to work camps but the people who got sent to the left were subject to death by executions. Some of these people were sent to the gas chambers where they thought they would be taking showers but in reality they were going in there to die.In the lines for the gas chambers there were jewish musicians there to play music so the prisoners could have calm last moments. Some of the other people were executed by gun or they were hung. The Nazis called the people that were to be hung sundays entertainment. Although most of the prisoners died there were a fraction of people that were still alive when America liberated all the camps throughout Germany.                         


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