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As the good old cliche goes” Knowledge is devine and no knowledge is equall to any wealth in the world”, I strongly believe in that old saying. Moreover, it is always a spreading word that youth isthe pillars of the nation and the future of the nation. The current world is racing after the competition in all the means of the terms. Youth mainly students should make sure that they follow the passion of what they dreamt off. In fact, many parents are forcing there children to follow the same trend in which the society is following so. Therefore , people should majorly concentrate on the cooperation rather than competition. Moreover they should strive to get settledin the government sectors and various industry rather than choosing what other people are chosing to.
In considering the general statement, youth should get the awareness in them that cooperation leads to achieve the success because, when people stive towards success in doing something they have work cooardinately, rather than choosing the path of the competition. For instance considering the eaxmple of India, youth always in partticularly the high schools pass out’s, always ccompete themselves to get the entrance in to the Indian Institution of Technoloies( IIT’s), for pursuing the higher education. Perhaps this can be the case where is no cooperafion is shown but only the competition among the youth. Moreover, the awarnaess has to come with in the students to work and get setteled in the various sectors of the wrld like the movernment and the various industries.
In considering the another genaral statement, the society palys a major role in the life of the youth. Perhaps the reason could be the society or the community should teach the leadership qualities to the students rather then encourageing them to fillow the herd or the routine people of society of which is being followed. For instance in considering the example of the United States of America, youth always run after their passion and moreover the society encourage the talaent of the person and they will eventually get successed in theitr life. In addition to that the reason could be people will follow their thier dream and work so zealfully and determinedly.
Furthermore, let us consider the case or the instance of the nation called the North Korea, which would always try to compete with the other countries rather then working coorboratively and colloberatevily. Moreover, the success till now these sees the nations which worked with the cooperation had par tasted the success.
All the evidence put forward above supports an unshakable statement that society has a major role in shaping the ,youth of the nation perhaps it can considered as an responsibility. Moreover, students or the youth should never compromise with the dreams and thier goals. So as far as I’m concerned working in or stiving in cooperation would lead to success rather than competition.


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