As disputes in the south china sea surround

As the representative of
Pakistan, we are honoured to take part in the discussion of The South China Sea
Dispute and its threat to global security. Our country supports China among all
the countries involved in the dispute and conflict. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has reiterated its support for
china on the statement of optional exception in light of Article 298 of the
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea(UNCLOS).China signed a Free
trade agreement with Pakistan in 2000s, and have been the largest trading
partner of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistan has openly sided with China
in its South China Sea dispute with important ASEAN member states  

The territorial disputes in the
south china sea surround claimed territorial waters and economic zones, as well
as group of islands(eg ; Spratlys, Paracels). The ongoing territorial dispute
can lead to war between many countries. Pakistan reiterated its support
for  China regarding the South China Sea
conflict. Pakistan which has all along tried to keep neutral and balanced
position supported China after the historic decision by the PCA. The South
China Sea has been used by China inorder to gain fresh resources in terms
of  energy, oil etc which is also
provided to Pakistan by China. Pakistan prefers to support an overall
development of south asia when compared with other continents of the globe for
the development of the human resource on HDI.                     

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The most significant conflict
arises between china , Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brunei. China first
declared the spartly islands a part of Guangdong province in 1946 A.D .  The south china seas remained peaceful until
Southern Vietnams forceful Statement due to which china try to take control and
“Battle of the Parcel Islands” began in 1974. Disputes among Chinease and Filipinos
involving both their coast guards and fishing vessels took place. In 2009,
Vietnam and Malaysia issued a joint statement accusing the PRC of breaking the
terms on others sovereignty and ignoring UNCLOS.  80% of the south china sea is claimed by
china, due to which it clashes with Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam.

used in successful settlement for other disputes can be taken as one of the
ways to resolve the dispute. Confidence Building Measures(CBM) can also be applied
for the promotion of mutual understanding among other claimants. Since  most of the claimants are reluctant to
resolve the sovereignty issue, permanent peace 
at the time being isn’t possible .So, the claimants interests should be
attended so that temporary peace can be obtained. Due to the complexity of the
dispute, no single approach can achieve the permanent peace. A combination of
the available approaches is necessary for obtaining peace. The Declaration on
the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea signed in 2002 shows the signs of
all claimants’ will to demilitarize the dispute. The ASEAN Regional Forum and
other informal meetings will be playing more important role in providing ideas
and suggestions to solve dispute and exchanging information to avoid further
conflict due to misunderstanding and lack of communications. The economic
integration and energy co-exploration can further closer the ties between claimants.
 ASEAN and Chinese leaders and other
regular ministerial-level meeting mechanisms can review and co-ordinate each
country’s behaviour to enhance understanding and cooperation.


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