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You drive down the same street every day to get to work. You see the same buildings, the same cars parked in front of these buildings, the same routine of green lights changing to red and back to green again. Then, you notice something different. Maybe it’s a small, family restaurant tucked away in a corner next to an alley or a vacant lot you’ve never noticed before, but it leaves you with the same question: Where did that come from, and has it always been there? Sandy Skoglund captures this feeling in her installations and photographs.Skoglund creates her own installations and uses them in her photography, which blurs the lines between fact and fiction.

It is an interesting concept that appeals strongly to me. Sandy Skoglund is an American photographer who creates surrealistic images and builds up her sets quite elaborately which takes months. The image that really stuck out to me was called “Revenge of the Goldfish. ” I liked this image because of the color scheme, as well as how the image told a story.

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However, the image’s story was pretty vague, or should I say, open for interpretation. It gave the sense of being underwater, as well as the goldfish being angry or attacking. It makes me wonder what the people did to the goldfish or one goldfish in particular to make them want revenge. I was very impressed at the amount of work that went into the sets that she photographs. Everything is so meticulously placed so that they seem to belong there, even though it would be preposterous.

They seem like a scene from one of our dreams. Or at least, one of our wildest dreams! What creativity and imagination! Sandy Skoglund has put together one of the most intriguing collections of photographs I’ve ever seen. Her pictures are so surreal and complicated it’s almost impossible to describe them. Her use of sculptures, patterns and colors create whole worlds that are captured on film.

I hope others find out about this immensely talented woman so she receives the attention she deserves.


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